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How to Use a Wheelchair on an Escalator (video) & Cruise Specials!!!

It may sound crazy to you, but wheelchair users can use escalators…I’ve done it myself many times! I don’t need to do it very often at home, but when in Europe I find myself taking escalator shortcuts often in Metro stations, train stations, and airports.

Important: I am not endorsing that you should try taking your wheelchair on an escalator. I just want people to see that wheelchair users can often do more than people think we can!

Here are the steps to do it:

  1. ONLY attempt it if you are a manual wheelchair user. Electric wheelchair users can end up in bad shape like this woman (ouch!).
  2. Practice with someone who can assist BEFORE you go on your trip. You don’t want your first time on an escalator to be without assistance.
  3. When you approach the escalator (whether going up or down) be sure you are facing uphill
  4. Position your front wheels on the higher step and your large back wheels on the lower step
  5. Hold onto the handrails with both hands (if done correctly, it actually doesn’t require super-strength)
  6. LEAN FORWARD to keep much of the weight on your front wheels
  7. Look out for the bump when you get off. If you’re going up, you may need to pop a small wheelie. If you’re going down, you should lean forward while still holding onto the handrails and let them pull you off.

Video of me on an escalator in the Athens Metro

Did You Know?
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