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Top Accessible Baltic Cruises

By John Sage

accessible-baltic-cruiseAn accessible Baltic cruise from Denmark, Germany, or the Netherlands is an excellent way to see Northern Europe and its captivating cities and landscapes.

The countries of Northern Europe and Scandinavia offer rich histories and welcoming cultures against the backdrop of some of the world’s most breathtaking natural and architectural scenery.

Copenhagen, Berlin, St. Petersburg, Helsinki, and Stockholm are just a few of the cities highlighted in our accessible Baltic cruise vacations!


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#12 – Copenhagen + 9 Night Baltic Cruise

On this accessible Baltic cruise vacation, you’ll spend 9 nights onboard the Norwegian Star cruise ship hopping from one Baltic accessible-baltic-cruise-1port to the next and have a few days beforehand to explore Copenhagen, the beautiful capital of Denmark.

  • Copenhagen – Two days in Copenhagen will allow you to see the Danish royal family residence, a couple of fascinating history museums, and the oldest amusement park in the world! You can also dine at accessible restaurants overlooking one of the scenic canals or in the former royal park at Rosenburg!
  • Warnemunde (Berlin) – One day in Berlin will provide you with a fascinating tour of some of the most important events of the 20th century!  You’ll learn how the Reichstag fire brought Hitler to power and see where his underground bunker was located.  You’ll see remnants of the Berlin Wall and visit the most important gateway between East and West, Checkpoint Charlie.
  • St Petersburg (2 Days) – St. Petersburg has so much to offer that most cruise ships stop here for 2 or 3 days!  With two days in St. Petersburg, you’ll see the site of a royal assassination and the Basilica of the Holy Blood that was built over it.  You’ll learn all about Peter the Great and Catherine the Great, and you’ll see their royal palaces.  The gardens at Peterhof Palace (shown in the photo above on the right) are some of the best you’ll find anywhere in Europe!  Visits to Catherine’s “Amber Room”, two more magnificent churches, and the world-famous Hermitage museum are also possible on your accessible shore excursion.
  • Helsinki – At the Uspenski Cathedral and the Lutheran Cathedral, you can easily see the differences between the two main Christian denominations in Finland.  You can have a lunch of fresh seafood on Market Square and stroll along the beautiful esplanade next door.  Your tour guide will tell you all about Finland’s saunas, the highest-ranking education system in the world, and Angry Birds!
  • Stockholm – One-third water, one-third parks, and one-third city, Stockholm is one of my favorite cities in Europe!  You’ll hear stories about the Swedish executioner & the Stockholm Bloodbath of 1520, as well as more cheery stories about the current Swedish royal family.  Visits to the Nobel Museum, the Stockholm Ice Bar, and the Vasa ship (lost for 300 years) are a few of the many options we offer disabled travelers.

Similar cruise itineraries from Copenhagen are available on luxury cruise ships operated by the Seabourn cruise line and Silversea cruise line.  The luxury cruises start in Copenhagen and finish in Stockholm (or vice versa). They also have an extra day to explore St. Petersburg (or visit Moscow!)

#13 – Amsterdam + 12 Night Baltic Cruise

top-10-accessible-vacationIf you take a cruise from Amsterdam instead of Copenhagen, you’ll add a visit to the Dutch capital and a couple of days at sea to enjoy accessible-baltic-cruise-2the amenities aboard the Celebrity Constellation!

While in Amsterdam, you’ll enjoy a scenic dinner cruise along the city canals (shown in the photo on the right). Numerous Amsterdam museums, parks, and plazas will give you plenty of options on how to spend your time.  Ports of Call on this accessible Baltic cruise include Amsterdam, Warnemunde (Berlin), Tallinn, St. Petersburg (2 Days), Helsinki, Stockholm, and Copenhagen.

#14 – Berlin + 11 Night Baltic Cruise

This accessible Baltic cruise vacation gives you more time in Berlin and allows you to enjoy many perks on one of the newest ships on accessible-baltic-cruise-3the seas! The Royal Princess cruise ship was launched in 2012 when it was christened by Duchess Kate Middleton.  Ports of Call on this cruise include Warnemunde (Berlin), Tallinn, St. Petersburg (2 Days), Helsinki, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Oslo, and Gothenburg.

With more than one day in Berlin, you’ll have time to visit spectacular museums like the German History Museum, the Pergamon Museum (featuring ancient Greek ruins), and the Museum of the Wall (featuring East Berlin escape stories and artifacts).

This accessible cruise adds two stops in Norway where you can visit Gothenburg’s Botanical Gardens, the fjords at Oslo, and Akershus Castle.

#15 – London + 14 Night Baltic Cruise

An accessible Baltic cruise that starts in London is a great choice, whether you want to stay for a single day, for a week, or any length accessible-baltic-cruise-4in between. A pre-cruise visit to London will allow you to experience some of the most famous attractions in the entire world. Buckingham Palace, the crown jewels at the Tower of London, and Westminster Abbey (the location of the most recent Royal Wedding, shown in the photo on the right) are just a few of the royal sites you can visit. Artifacts collected from around the world can be viewed at the British Museum, and London’s West End has some of the best theatres in the world. A more extensive list of some of your sightseeing options in London can be found in Accessible Vacation #1.

A cruise on the Celebrity Eclipse has Ports of Call in Southampton (London), Zeebrugge (Bruges), Warnemunde (Berlin), Stockholm, Tallinn, St. Petersburg (2 Days), Helsinki, and Copenhagen.  Some itineraries visit Le Havre (Paris and Normandy) instead of Zeebrugge.  A shorter itinerary on Royal Caribbean’s Brilliance of the Seas is also available.


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