Barcelona Accessible Travel Packages

barcelona1We take the guess work out of planning an accessible vacation in Barcelona!  Our first-hand familiarity with Barcelona accessibility ensures that you have everything you need during your trip!

Our Barcelona accessible travel agents will get to know your interests and accessibility needs so we can create the perfect vacation for you and your family. This isn’t just a pre-assembled vacation package you purchase; it’s an accessible vacation that we customize especially for you!

You won’t have to worry about accessibility of your hotel, the places you will be visiting, or how you will get around town. Our Barcelona accessible travel agents can answer any questions that you have, and we’ll be there during your trip if you need assistance!


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Accessible Travel Advice – We help you make informed decisions

Before and during your trip to Barcelona, you have many important decisions to make:

  • Should I choose a hotel near Las Ramblas, near the Gothic Quarter, or near the beach?
  • Which accessible tours should I take?
  • Where can I find wheelchair accessible beaches?
  • Should I visit the Sagrada Familia, the Barcelona Cathedral, both, or neither?
  • Should I use Barcelona’s metro, buses, or taxis to travel between the attractions?
  • How should I budget my time in Barcelona?

When you book with Sage Traveling, we help you to make well-informed decisions so that your trip is worry-free and you come home with life-long vacation memories.

The single best decision you can make is to rely on our
first-hand accessibility advice when making your numerous trip decisions


Accessible Accommodation – We have personally inspected the hotel accessibility

Travel search engine websites and hotel websites notoriously overstate the accessibility of their hotel.  The description may say there’s a roll-in shower, only to find out there are 2 steps to reach the elevator.

I have personally inspected twelve centrally-located accessible Barcelona hotels for you.  I have not only inspected the accessibility inside the hotel, but also the accessibility of the neighborhood surrounding it.  With Sage Traveling, our accessible Barcelona travel agents offer you the most accessible hotels located in wheelchair-friendly neighborhoods with nearby accessible restaurants and nearby accessible transportation options.

barcelona2 barcelona3


Barcelona Accessibility Guide by John Sage

Visiting any European city with a disability, including Barcelona, is much easier if you know all the essential accessibility information!  Through first-hand accessibility research, John Sage has put together his 52 page Barcelona Accessibility Guide with detailed accessibility descriptions, maps, and photos.

John Sage’s Barcelona Accessibility Guide is only available to travelers
who contact us directly (not through another travel agent).


Accessible Barcelona Tours – Explore the city with a local guide

Wherever people travel to, we continually hear that guided tours are the highlight of the trip.  The Barcelona accessible tours that we offer:

  • Start with pick-up at your hotel or meet-up at a convenient location
  • Utilize proven accessible curb-free tour routes
  • Are led by tour guides who are willing and able to assist disabled tour participants
  • Visit the most famous tourist highlights as well as the hidden gems

Contact one of our Barcelona accessible travel agents so we can advise you on which tours meet your interests and accessibility needs. A private accessible tour of medieval Barcelona, an accessible Barcelona driving tour, and an accessible driving tour to the Spanish country-side work great for disabled visitors!

Our tour guide in Barcelona was wonderful. She was there dead on the dot and was extremely helpful.  – Grant, Manual WC user, New Zealand


Accessible Transportation – Move around the city with ease

We can arrange for a wheelchair accessible vehicle (shown in the photo on the left) to greet you at the airport, train station, or cruise dock.  Our Barcelona accessible travel agents also explain how to use the accessible Barcelona metro and bus options, including which routes to use and which ones to avoid (metro elevator shown in the photo on the left).

barcelona-accessible-holiday barcelona4


Assistance During Your Trip – Travel with peace of mind

We all know that things can go wrong when traveling.  You might need a replacement part for a wheelchair, or you decide during your trip that renting one will make it easier to get around.  Or there might be a train strike preventing you from getting to your next destination.  Or you need to change your itinerary due to illness or injury.  In fact, there are more than 25 common things that can go wrong when traveling with a disability.

You know that if something goes wrong, our Barcelona accessible travel agents are a quick phone call away to help out.  There’s no need for your vacation to come to a screeching halt while you struggle to fix the problem…we work to fix it while you continue to enjoy your trip.


Sage Travel Accessibility Guarantee

We have extensive knowledge of Barcelona accessibility and extensive experience in trip planning, and consequently we are able to guarantee our services.  When you travel with Sage Traveling, you travel with peace of mind!


Barcelona Accessible Travel Packages

We prefer to treat disabled and senior travelers as individuals, and we recognize that one-size-fits-all is not the right approach.  Consequently, our Barcelona accessible travel packages are customized to meet your specific accessibility needs and interests while on your trip.  After a quick conversation, we’ll be able to give you a free customized accessible trip proposal.  Contact us for a free trip quote.

Here are a few example packages we can put together:


Basic Accessible Barcelona Package

Accessible hotel, accessibility reviews of tourist attractions, accessibility maps, and accessible restaurant recommendations

  • 2 day packages start at €210 per person
  • 3 day packages start at €300 per person
  • 4 day packages start at €390 per person

Superior Accessible Barcelona Package

Everything in the Basic Package plus round-trip private accessible transportation to and from the Barcelona airport & a private accessible walking tour – Our most popular package! 

  • 2 day packages start at €350 per person
  • 3 day packages start at €440 per person
  • 4 day packages start at €530 per person

Deluxe Accessible Barcelona Package

Everything in the Superior Package plus a private accessible driving tour

  • 2 day packages start at €450 per person
  • 3 day packages start at €540 per person
  • 4 day packages start at €630 per person



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