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By John Sage How difficult is Athens accessible travel? Ancient ruins present challenges for wheelchair users but several of the Athens attractions have been made wheelchair accessible. Beauties such as the Temple of Olympian Zeus, the Ancient Agora, and the Parthenon are worth every effort to visit them even if you have a disability. Grecians have done a decent job at making some of the best tourist sites accessible, even if the architectural structures are centuries old. Our Disabled Access Review of Athens describes the Athens accessible transportation options and the other best west and worst aspects of accessibility.

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There is a right way to visit Athens with a disability, and a wrong way to visit Athens with a disability. The right way is know all of the accessibility challenges you will encounter; confirm that you have accessible tours, transportation, and hotels; and enjoy a great trip! These Athens handicapped travel tips highlight some of the most important things to know about accessible travel to Athens including cobblestones, transportation, restaurants, and museums. Be sure to also check out our 8 Keys to Success for Athens Handicapped Travel so that you know what to focus on before your trip.

Our half-day accessible Athens walking tours are proven to be fully accessible. They use step-free routes to visit the fascinating sights in Athens including the Acropolis & Parthenon, the Acropolis Museum, the Temple of Zeus, Hadrian’s Arch, and the House of Greek Parliament.

For cruise passengers, the easiest option is a full-day wheelchair accessible Athens shore excursion. Your driver and tour guide can meet you at the Piraeus cruise terminal and effortlessly transport you between the various tourist attractions while avoiding the steep hills and cobblestones.

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Getting to the top of the Acropolis with a disability is a highlight of any trip to Athens. There some accessibility challenges that wheelchair users will encounter, but it absolutely can be done! A wheelchair lift and an elevator are available for visitors that can prove they have a disability (showing up in a wheelchair will be enough!). Learn how to visit the Acropolis with a disability on our Acropolis Accessibility page.
Because it’s not located next to the Acropolis, many Athens visitors completely miss this amazing museum. What a mistake! The accessible Athens National Archaeological Museum contains one of the best collections of ancient artifacts that you will find in the world. See arrows and spears recovered from the battle between the Spartans and Persians as well as numerous statues, busts, and other artifacts.

Although Athens doesn’t have as many accessible cruises as VeniceRome, or Barcelona, there are still some great options that disabled and senior cruisers should consider!  Our Top 6 Accessible Cruises from Athens have accessible shore excursions in at least 88% of the ports of call.  Princess' 7 night Adriatic cruise allows you to see top destinations in Greece, Montenegro, Croatia, and Italy. You can take an accessible 11 night Holy Land cruise, or you can splurge on Holland America's 21 night Egypt cruise


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Disabled cruise passengers who arrive in the wheelchair accessible Piraeus cruise port have multiple options to travel into Athens. Some disabled and elderly visitors will be able to take public transportation into the city, while electric wheelchair users and other people who can not step onto a bus need to book private accessible Athens transportation. My Athens Cruise Port Accessibility Review will tell you everything you need to know about arriving in Piraeus.

Athens accessible van transportation is available to bring disabled visitors from the airport or cruise terminal to their hotel. All vans are equipped with a wheelchair lift and tie-downs for wheelchairs. Accessible Athens van transfers from the airport to the city center cost 130 euro each way.  Accessible transfers to the Athens cruise dock also cost 130 euro each.  To book, please provide us with the pick-up date, time, location & destination as well as the height, width and weight of the wheelchair or mobility scooter.

Many disabled visitors benefit by renting a wheelchair while visiting Athens.  And the hills sure are a lot easier if you rent a mobility scooter!  Athens rental wheelchairs including delivery cost 200 euro per week.  Electric wheelchairs including delivery cost 250 euro per week.  The cost of an Athens mobility scooter rental is 300 euro per week including delivery.

The world’s ancient capital, Athens, is a very popular city to visit for many tourists, including disabled travelers. However, due to the age of the city and the buildings in it, finding a truly accessible Athens hotel can be tricky. Location, accessibility features and amenities differ from one accessible Athens hotel to the other, so the perfect hotel for you depends on what’s important to you.

Which Athens tourist attractions are accessible? Where are the steep hills to avoid? Where are the best places for accessible restaurants in Athens? When you receive your 39 page Sage Accessibility Guide for Athens you learn everything that disabled visitors need to know to comfortably visit Athens. It ensures that you make the most of your time in Athens and is provided as part of all of our accessible travel packages.

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What happens when you combine the best of Athens hotels, tours, transportation, and know-how? The result is our Athens accessible travel packages! These packages make disabled travel to Athens as easy as it can be. They ensure that you make the most of your time in Athens and don’t miss any of the accessible tourist experiences. They are available in a wide range of prices with the ability to be customized any way you wish.


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