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Tuscany Accessible Travel Packages

Article - Accessible Tuscany Vacation Packages 2-573Enjoying Tuscany is all about experiences…and accessible experiences are our specialty! One of our accessible travel consultants will work with you to design your ideal Tuscany vacation.

Our accessible Tuscany vacation packages allow you to enjoy the Tuscany experiences you’ve always read about or just seen on TV.

We take you into the heart of Tuscany and allow you to explore all the wonders the region has to offer with our one-of-kind accessible experiences. Our top accessible Tuscany experiences include but are not limited to:

  • Visit accessible wineries and beautiful historic towns all along the Tuscany region
  • Stay in a beautiful accessible hilltop villa that capture the charms of the authentic Tuscan lifestyle
  • Enjoy an accessible cooking class using local ingredients taught by friendly local chefs
  • And one of my favorite accessible experiences, a private accessible sightseeing flight over Tuscany!


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Helpful Accessible Travel Advice – Before and during your Tuscany vacation, we help you answer important questions like:

  • With my accessibility needs and my interests, should I visit Montalcino, Montepulciano, Pienza, Siena, or Cortona?
  • How should I allocate my time in Tuscany? For my interests, should I focus on northern Tuscany or southern Tuscany?
  • Where can I find accessible wineries to visit? How about accessible shopping options?
  • What are the accessible routes through each town? Where can I find accessible restrooms?

Single point of contact for all your reservations – Instead of communicating and coordinating with numerous people across Tuscany, you get a single point of contact to handle all of your reservations:

  • Accessible Accommodation
  • Accessible Tours
  • Accessible Transfers
  • Travel Insurance
  • Emergency Accessibility Assistance

Save time before and during your trip – Planning an accessible Tuscany vacation can take hours and hours of research. The most stunning accessible accommodation options only have a single accessible room. The longer you wait to book, the higher the chance you’ll miss out the best villa or hotel. Don’t worry though, our accessible travel consultants can get you booked as soon as you contact them!



First-hand accessibility inspections – We have personally inspected multiple accessible properties across Tuscany. We are so confident that we can provide you accommodation that meets your accessibility needs that we GUARANTEE our accessible accommodation recommendations!

Experienced local tour guides – The local tour guides that we use are professionally trained and officially certified. Each of them has experience leading accessible tours and follows the proven accessible routes that we have helped design.

Extensive trip planning experience – We have planned hundreds of accessible vacations to destinations across Europe. We know where the common pitfalls are and how to avoid them.

Guaranteed Accessibility – With Sage Traveling, you can enjoy your vacation with peace of mind because we GUARANTEE our accessible travel services.


Exclusive Accessible Experiences

At Sage Traveling, we understand that you want more than just to visit Tuscany…you want to experience Tuscany! Consequently, we have selected the top accessible Tuscan experiences to offer you. How about having dinner inside a medieval city wall (shown on the left)? Or what about watching the sunset from your private Tuscany villa (shown on the right)? Whether you’re interested in a private sightseeing flight over Tuscany or an Italian cooking lesson, we have your accessibility needs covered!

Article - Accessible Tuscany Vacation Packages 2-4659Article - Accessible Tuscany Vacation Packages 2-4661


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Accessible Tuscany Vacation Packages

2 Night Accessible Tuscany Vacation Package

If you’re traveling between Rome and Florence and want to stop for a few nights to relax in Tuscany, this vacation package is for you.


4 Night Accessible Chianti Vacation Package

This option is great for a quick weekend getaway. The forested Chianti region is in close proximity to Florence so it is the most convenient part of Tuscany to visit. It is home to many medieval villages, wineries, and fortified castles. You can explore the region either by renting your own vehicle or hiring a private driver.

For a quick 4 night accessible visit to Chianti, we recommend this itinerary:


7 Night Accessible Tuscany Vacation Package

3 nights in northern Tuscany village, 3 nights in southern Tuscany agriturismo, 1 night in Florence

The landscape in northern Tuscany is significantly different from the landscape in southern Tuscany. This 7 Night Accessible Tuscany Vacation Package allows you to experience both! You will be able to visit medieval castles, wineries & vineyards, quaint villages, and more.


11 Night Accessible Tuscany Vacation Package (including Florence)

4 nights in northern Tuscany village, 3 nights in southern Tuscany agriturismo, and 4 nights in Florence

This accessible Tuscany vacation allows you to really delve into all the experiences that Tuscany has to offer including visiting the top sights in Florence. You will get Italian culture, history, art, wine, food, and more!


Customized Accessible Tuscany Vacation

Got a different idea for your Tuscany vacation? Contact one of our Accessible Travel Consultants and we’ll make it happen! Don’t forget that we can easily combine your Tuscany vacation with visits to other popular Italian destinations like Rome, Venice, Pisa, or Naples.


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