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Accessible Hotels in Istanbul

Finding handicapped accessible hotels in Istanbul is far more difficult than in most European destinations. While we were performing accessibility research in Istanbul, we had to travel all over the city to find the handful of accessible hotels listed below.

Many websites like and list dozens of handicapped accessible hotels in Istanbul. When we visited them, at least 70% had doors that were too narrow for a wheelchair, ramps that were too steep for wheelchair users to get up, or no ramp at all.

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The hotels that we recommend all meet basic accessibility standards. There is a step-free entrance to the hotel and the doors are wide enough for wheelchairs. A few have roll-in showers. Almost all of them are located in flat neighborhoods.

The hotels we list below are a part of our Istanbul Accessible Travel Packages which provide you with everything you need to visit Istanbul with a disability. Our expert accessibility advice, accessible taxis, and accessible tours will make your trip to Istanbul the trip of a lifetime.

Istanbul Handicap Accessible Hotel Rooms

These Istanbul handicap accessible hotel rooms are a great option for disabled visitors to Istanbul. The hotel has two wheelchair ramps at the entrance and an elevator to reach the disabled rooms. It has a buffet breakfast and a restaurant that serves lunch and dinner.

Istanbul Handicapped Accessible Hotel

This handicapped accessible hotel near Istanbul Taksim Square is one of the most affordable in the area. It has a 4 star hotel classification. The neighborhood around the hotel is flat with several accessible restaurants.

Wheelchair Accessible Hotel Istanbul

This wheelchair accessible hotel near Istanbul Blue Mosque is one of the only hotels located in Istanbul’s Old Town that is truly disabled accessible. The tram line that runs by the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia stops 4 blocks away from this hotel. It has a couple of authentic Turkish restaurants within a block of the hotel that are popular with locals.

Disabled Hotel Rooms in Istanbul Turkey

Due to its accessibility and location, this is one of our top recommended hotel for disabled rooms in Istanbul. Taksim Square is only 2 blocks away, and the neighborhood it is located in has very small slopes (4 star flatness) and small cobblestones (4 star smoothness).

Wheelchair Accessible Hotel Rooms in Istanbul

These 5 star wheelchair accessible hotel rooms in Istanbul are a luxurious option for disabled travelers visiting Istanbul. Whereas many hotels in Istanbul have a eastern feel to them, this one provides all the amenities that visitors from western Europe and North America are used to.

Handicapped Accessible Hotel in Istanbul

This 5 star handicapped accessible hotel in Istanbul has a beautiful lobby, and the disabled rooms have a queen bed and a single bed. Each accessible room has a desk, minibar, and flat screen TV. The entrance to the hotel has a ramp for wheelchair users.


“We can only describe the Hotel as wonderful, and as a bonus it is set in the heart of the old city and just a gentle 600 metres walk up to the main historical sites of Hagia Sophia, the Blue Mosque, Topkapi Palace, Basilica Cistern and the Hippodrome. A convenient tram stop is literally just around the corner to provide access to the waterfront on the Golden Horn and the rest of the city. From the moment we arrived the level of service and courtesy of the management and staff was outstanding. The room was immaculate and was enhanced by a range of lighting including a rope light under the bed!” – Rob Brooks

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