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Rome Accessibility Guide by John Sage

Which Rome tourist sites are accessible? Which should you avoid?  

How should you travel between the tourist sites?  By metro, by bus, or by taxi?

Where can you find accessible restaurants and shopping?

Accessible itineraries, travel tips, maps, and more.  More than 100 pages of essential accessible travel advice written by John Sage.


Watch John Sage describe his Rome Accessibility Guide:


The Table of Contents listed below is for a Rome accessibility guide we put together for a for a previous client visiting Rome.  The Rome Accessibility Guide is included with our Rome accessible trip planning services.


Table of Contents

Reservations                             3

Maps of Rome                          5

Getting Around Rome with a Disability    5

Bus Accessibility                       9

Accessible Bus Routes  12

Electric Bus Accessibility           28

Bus Tour Accessibility               30

Tram Accessibility                     34

Metro Accessibility                    35

Taxi Accessibility                      36

Wheelchair Accessible Taxis      37

Suggested Accessible Itineraries            38

1 Accessible Day in Rome         38

2 Accessible Days in Rome       41

3 Accessible Days in Rome       42

4 Accessible Days in Rome       44

5 Accessible Days in Rome       45

6 Accessible Days in Rome       45

Tourist Attraction Accessibility   48

Baths of Diocletian (also known as Santa Maria degli Angeli)      48

Capitoline Museums                  51

Castel Sant’Angelo                    54

Circus Maximus             55

Doria Pamphilj Museum             59

Gesu Church                             59

Largo Argentina             60

National Museum of Rome         60

Palatine Hill                               62

Roman Forum                           64

San Clemente                            69

San Giovanni Laterno                69

San Ignazio                               70

San Luigi                                  71

Santa Maria del Popolo 71

Santa Maria Maggiore                73

Santa Maria Sopra Minerva        74

Spanish Steps                         75

St. Peter in Chains                    76

Trajan’s Market (also known as Museum of Imperial Forum)         81

Trevi Fountain               84

Vatican – Sistine Chapel and Vatican Museums 85

Vatican – St. Peter’s Basilica     92

Accessible Restaurants             97

Campo de’ Fiori                        97

Piazza Navona             98

Wheelchair Accessible Shopping           99

Pharmacies                               100

Client Feedback                        101


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