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Accessible Travel to Edinburgh

Responsible for creating a large part of history for both the UK and Scotland, Edinburgh is a gorgeous city set on a hilly inactive volcano. This unique landscape, when combined with the stunning architecture makes an enticing destination for travelers to Europe. Edinburgh accessible travel is easiest in Edinburgh’s New Town where the streets are very smooth with curb cuts on the sidewalks. The Old Town of Edinburgh Scotland is where most of the sights are located and has a sloping street from the Edinburgh Castle down to the Palace of Holyrood House. Steep streets slope from the Old Town down to the New Town.  Read more about the pros and cons of Edinburgh Disabled Access.

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Edinburgh’s Waverly Station is accessible and is located between the New Town and the Old Town. It’s uphill to get to the Old Town from here and disabled tourists will usually want to take a taxi if their hotel is in the Old Town.  One of the best accessibility features of Edinburgh are its black cabs. They are a necessity for disabled travelers to navigate the hilly landscape and all cabs have wheelchair ramps. These cabs make travel easier to all the great things to see in this city. Because Edinburgh Castle is at the highest point in the city, wheelchair tourists should take a taxi to reach it at the beginning of the day then roll down to the other sights along the Royal Mile. Read more at our 7 Keys to Success for Edinburgh Handicapped Travel page.
Accessible walking tours are some of the best ways for a disabled traveler to see Edinburgh. Tour participants will encounter some hills along the route but can avoid steps and stairs. Four different tour routes are available and include walking/rolling options as well as driving options.

Manual wheelchair rental and mobility scooter rental are both available in Edinburgh. Mobility scooters can be particularly helpful to disabled tourists because of the hills in and around Edinburgh’s Old Town. A visit to Edinburgh Castle is also much easier with a mobility scooter. Manual wheelchair including delivery cost 190 GBP per week, and mobility scooters cost 210 GBP including delivery.

In our research we found that there are many Edinburgh accessible hotels. A lot of them have roll-in showers or other features that are accommodating to a disabled traveler. While not every hotel here is accessible, most of them are which is somewhat unusual for a city in Europe. Compared to other cities, there are many more options in from which to choose. The best places to find such hotels are in the aforementioned New Town or on the Royal Mile. All of our accessible travel packages include accessible hotel accommodation in Edinburgh.
Which Edinburgh tourist attractions are accessible? Where are the steep hills to avoid? Where is the best place for accessible restaurants in Dublin? When you receive your 32 page Sage Accessibility Guide for Edinburgh you learn everything that disabled visitors need to know to comfortably visit Edinburgh. It ensures that you make the most of your time in Edinburgh and is provided as part of all of our accessible travel packages.
Easily visit this fantastic Scottish capital city with ease. We’ve done all the legwork for the best of the city, making it very easy for you to “pack and go”. The Edinburgh accessible travel packages can easily be customized for your needs and our travel experts would be thrilled to help you create your great trip to Edinburgh. These packages can be combined with other cities in Europe with great ease or can be purchased for single city travel.



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