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Accessible Travel in Normandy

By John Sage Normandy accessibility presents both pros and cons for senior and disabled travelers. Pro: you can visit many of the sights by renting a private vehicle thereby avoiding inaccessible public transportation. Con: Wheelchair accessible van rentals can be difficult to find in Normandy. Pro: Normandy is easy to reach by accessible train from Paris. Con: Some of the D-day sites still have bomb craters or are covered in sand which presents obvious challenges to disabled visitors. Our Disabled Access Review of Normandy tells you want you can expect when visiting Normandy with a disability.

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Are you a history buff? Traveling with one? Normandy is a popular French destination especially for travelers interested in 20th century history. When visiting Normandy, your trip will combine visits to several small towns and beaches, including the famous D-Day beaches where the allies landed on June 6th, 1944. Some of the D-day beaches are more disabled friendly than others. Our Normandy Accessible Travel Tips help to make your trip easier. This list of Keys to Success for Normandy Disabled Travel tells you what is important to make the most of your trip. Sign up for our Europe Disabled Travel Newsletter and we'll let you know when these articles have been posted.

Even with an aging population interested in visiting the famous World War II sites, few tour itineraries take into account the needs of disabled travelers. Sage Traveling works with local expert guides to design and promote fully accessible tours in Normandy. Tours itineraries vary based on your interests and visit all the major historical D-day sites including Utah Beach, Normandy Beach, Point du Hoc, and Arromanches. 

Disabled visitors to Normandy will have several important choices to make when choosing a Normandy accessible hotel. Should you stay in one of the larger towns? Should you stay in a quaint village? How about lodging that overlooks the beach? Some of the accommodation will allow you to arrive by accessible train and others will require you to use an accessible van taxi or an accessible rental car. Our travel agents can make sure that you get the perfect accommodation to fit your accessibility needs.

Which D-day sights should you see in Normandy? Are there any accessible churches or museums that you should visit? Can the Bayeux Tapestry be visited by the disabled? Our pre-planned Normandy accessible travel packages have all your answers. Packages include 1) accessible hotel accommodation, 2) accessible D-day tours, and 3) accessible transportation to and from Paris. As with all of our packages, they can be customized for your needs and preferences. 

"John: We have been having a great time in France. Thought I would give you some feedback on our trip.
* The accessible van drivers to and from Normandy were terrific. Very prompt and good drivers. Trip was quite comfortable.
* The guide in Normandy was excellent. He is a recent college grad with master's degree in history specializing in WW II in France.  Also born and raised in a village just off Omaha Beach. He was very knowledgeable and engaging.
* The hotel you recommended was quite nice. Room was good for handicapped, particularly bath. Front desk staff was helpful, restaurant accessible and food was good -- with sea view. Very close to other restaurants also." - Jane from Washington DC


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