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The 6 Benefits of Booking Your Cruise with Sage Traveling

After visiting 120+ European cities in my wheelchair, I can tell you that there are many accessibility challenges but they can all be overcome!

By utilizing our intimate knowledge of European port accessibility, the accessible travel consultants at Sage Traveling make your trip easier than you ever thought was possible!

Our accessible trip planning services provide you significant benefits:

Benefits of Booking Your Accessible
Cruise through Sage Traveling

Sage Traveling

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1. Cruise Discounts and Promotions only available to large travel agencies

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2. Emergency support during your trip using an extensive network of local accessibility experts

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3. Pre-trip consultation about accessibility of destinations

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4. Pre-cruise accessible hotel recommendations based on first-hand visits and inspection

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5. Discounts on accessible shore excursions
SAVE up to €300 on shore excursions!
(up to €50 per tour)

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6. Sage Cruise Port Accessibility Reviews

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Benefit #1 – Cruise Discounts and Promotions

It’s pretty simple…buying in bulk gets you discounts.  We have teamed up with the Cruise Planners organization which is one of the largest travel agency networks in North America.  With Cruise Planners we book group cruise space far in advance, and the cruise lines give us onboard credits and other amenities…which we pass onto you!  You can not get these benefits by booking directly with the cruise line!  

Benefit #2 – Emergency Support for Accessibility Challenges

We love getting people out a jam….and we’re extraordinarily good at it!   When you book your cruise with us, you get VIP access to our problem solving specialists.  With an extensive network of local accessibility experts including tour guides, wheelchair repair companies, accessible van companies, and translators, we are ready to solve any problems that might arise during your trip.  We have solved countless problems for clients in the past, and we’re ready to do the same for you!

If you plan the trip yourself, you will have to stop whatever you’re doing on your trip to try to fix things. If an accessible travel specialist plans your trip, you’ve got a personal problem-solver in your back pocket!

“I just wanted to thank you for an excellent experience in Paris. The wheelchair was delivered exactly on time and we’ve been everywhere with it over the last two days. It has really enabled us to get the most out of our last few days in Europe.” – Suzanne  Read more…

Benefit #3 – Pre-trip Consultation about Destination Accessibility

Accessibility at European cruise ports varies greatly, and our local accessibility knowledge will help you make all the right decisions. We have inspected accessibility at cruise ports throughout Europe including Amsterdam, Athens, Barcelona, Berlin (Warnemunde), Bruges, Brussels, Copenhagen, Genoa, Helsinki, Istanbul, Kusadasi, Livorno, Marseilles, Monte Carlo, Mykonos, Naples, Nice, Palma de Mallorca, Paris, Rome (Civitavecchia), Sorrento, St. Petersburg, Stockholm, Tallinn, Valencia, and Venice.

On top of that, we have met with local tour guides from a variety of additional cruise ports to educate ourselves on accessibility throughout the Mediterranean and Baltic Seas.  We can tell you which of the cruise itineraries are the most accessible! The list of ports that we have visited increases every year, so contact us to see if your cruise port is on our schedule!

“Just wanted to write an appreciation to you all for a saint job helping disabled people around the world. My experience with Donna is so full of compliments. I can’t thank you enough! Donna is doing all with such an open heart and with so much willing to help. I wish this email will reach the right people in this excellent company. Thousands thanks is not enough for what you all do!!” – Shlomo  Read more…

Q: What accessibility obstacles will I encounter on a European cruise vacation?

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Accessibility obstacles can pop up anywhere: onboard the ship with a non-wheelchair friendly pool, on the cruise tender into port, and especially when you get onto shore!

Cruising can involve steps to get off the ship,
steps to get onto the tender, and steps to get onto the excursion bus.

The ruins at Pompeii, the sand in Mykonos, the cobblestones in Rome, the bridges in Venice, the hills in Istanbul, and the stairs at the Acropolis are just a few of the accessibility challenges that come with European cruise travel.

With Sage Traveling, you’ll learn where the accessibility obstacles
are located in each port so you can easily navigate your way around them!

Q: How does Sage Traveling help me choose the best cruise itinerary?

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We help you choose your cruise according to the most important criteria for an accessible cruise. Choose the wrong itinerary and you’ll say “I stayed on the cruise ship in half of the ports”. Choose the right itinerary and you’ll wake up every morning excited for the new accessible excursion awaiting you!

Which of these itineraries is best for accessible cruising?

Our knowledge of both European accessible travel and cruise port accessibility will ensure that you pick the perfect handicap accessible cruise for YOU!

Cruising with a disability doesn’t have to be stressful,
frustrating, or 
disappointing.  You just have to utilize the expertise of
who specialize in accessible European travel!

Q: How does Sage Traveling save me time planning my cruise?

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If you really want to plan a truly accessible cruise, the process can be exhausting. If you plan the trip yourself, you’ll need to:

  1. Research accessibility at the cruise ports to figure out which ones meet your accessibility needs (difficult to do through the internet…even with our cruise port accessibility reviews which cover many ports)
  2. Find handicap accessible cruise excursions in each port
  3. Find a cruise sailing that meets your accessibility needs, itinerary preferences, date availability, and price range
  4. Figure out which cruise cabin to book
  5. Research accessibility at your arrival airport
  6. Figure out how you are going to get from the airport into the city
  7. Find a truly accessible hotel that is centrally located
  8. Figure out what are the accessible attractions in your embarkation city
  9. Book transportation to the cruise dock.

If you plan the cruise yourself, you can count of spending 5 hours per port researching accessibility, 5 hours researching cruise itineraries and dates, and 10 hours researching accessibility of hotels, tours, and transportation in your embarkation city. On a 7 port cruise, that’s 50 hours of accessibility research. EXHAUSTING!!!

Fortunately we love taking all the necessary steps to plan an accessible cruise. We can’t wait to hear that you had a great vacation!

“Thank you so much for providing this service, without it I don’t think we could have undertaken such an adventure.” – Kara   Read more…

Q: How does Sage Traveling save me money on my cruise?

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There is no cheaper way to cruise with a disability than our handicap accessible cruise packages. We save you money in 4 ways:

  1. We save you money by researching the various cruise lines, itineraries, and dates to find the perfect cruise sailing for you. There’s no need to overpay by booking a crowded ship when another less crowded ship has lower prices.
  2. We save you money by giving you discounts on accessible cruise excursions. By booking an Accessible Cruise & Excursion Package, you’ll get 50 euro off each shore excursion (up to 150 euro off your entire trip). 
  3. We save you money by giving you advice how to save money in one place so that you can spend it on a great experience elsewhere. The money-saving advice we provide is based on years I’ve spent traveling in Europe with a wheelchair plus planning countless trips for other European disabled travelers.

Q: What if I have questions about my trip?

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While planning your handicap accessible cruise, you will have numerous decisions to make about the multitude of options you have. For example:

  • Which ports should I avoid due to inaccessibility?
  • Which ports are best for inexpensive walking tours?
  • Which ports are absolutely worth spending the money for a driving tour? (Tuscany,cough, Tuscany)
  • Which ports are worth a full-day excursion? Which ports only need a half-day excursion?
  • Which city should I use for my embarkation port?
  • How many days should I spend seeing the accessible sights in my embarkation port?

Your accessible travel consultant at Sage Traveling will answer all your questions and use their expertise to help plan the best trip possible. In addition, we’ll advise you on the questions you haven’t even yet thought to ask!

You’re spending a lot of money on your vacation.
Use our accessible travel consultants to make sure it’s a great experience!

Benefit #4 – Pre-cruise Hotel Recommendations based on First-hand Accessibility Inspections

We have visited, inspected, and photographed more accessible hotels in Europe than anyone else.  No matter where your cruise departs from, we’ve got you covered.  Amsterdam, Athens, Barcelona, Berlin, Copenhagen, Istanbul, London, Monte Carlo, Naples, Rome, and Venice are some of the cities where we can recommend the most accessible, most centrally-located, and most affordable hotel rooms.

“All of the connections were flawless.  The hotels were in perfect locations.  My four friends were very impressed with the transfers, guides, and hotels. We could go on and on but this was the best trip that we could ask for. Our next trip planned will definitely be through you.” – Glenn & Cindy  Read more…

Q: What is included in the Sage Traveling pre-cruise accessible city visit packages?

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European cruises depart from some of the top tourist destinations in the world, and we provide everything you need for an accessible visit to these cities.

  1. An accessible airport transfer will bring you from the airport to your hotel. If you need a van with a wheelchair ramp we can arrange it, or if you need a low-height 4 door car we can arrange that too.
  2. An accessible hotel that I have personally inspected for accessibility. The hotel will be located in wheelchair friendly neighborhoods with accessible dining options nearby.
  3. An accessible guided orientation tour of the city
  4. My accessibility guide containing dozens of pages of essential accessible travel tips, reviews, photographs, maps, and contact information (available for AthensBarcelonaIstanbulLondonRome, and Venice)
  5. An accessible cruise port transfer will bring you from your hotel to the cruise terminal

I have personally inspected numerous accessible hotel rooms so that
we can recommend the best hotels in the best neighborhoods.

Benefit #5 – Discounts on Accessible Shore Excursions

Sage Traveling offers more Mediterranean accessible shore excursions than anyone else in the world.  We have worked tirelessly with local providers to design excursions specifically for disabled cruisers.  We can arrange 200+ accessible shore excursions across 60+ European ports!

Because the cruise lines pay us a commission, we’re able to offer you discounts on shore excursions!  We give you a discount of €50 off each shore excursion if you book your cruise with us! (up to €150 per cruise)

We only provide discounts on accessible shore excursions to clients who have booked their cruise through us. If you have already booked your cruise, some cruise lines will allow you to transfer the reservation to our name within 30-60 days of booking. Contact us and we will check if we can transfer the reservation. Otherwise it might be free to cancel and re-book.

“I wanted to let you and Mr. Sage know that we loved our accessible tour of the Vatican. The tour guide (Viviana) was great….very knowledgeable and personable and made the entire day a real pleasure. People often neglect to write when someone does a good job but I wanted you to know that this guide did a GREAT job.  All four of us in our group were thrilled with her.” – Rick  Read more

Q: How does Sage Traveling provide me better accessible shore excursion experiences?

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Shore excursions provided by the cruise lines often don’t meet basic accessibility needs. In many ports, the cruise lines only use buses with steps to enter. And if they do offer an accessible excursion, it might just be a 3 hour driving tour where you don’t even get out of the bus. There are even some cruise lines don’t allow groups larger than two people to go on an accessible excursion.

When you book a Sage Traveling handicap accessible cruise package you’ll be able to choose from the cruise line’s excursions and our world-class accessible excursions. We can arrange 200+ accessible shore excursions across 60+ European ports!

During your shore excursions, you will avoid the accessibility challenges that are not worth the effort and focus on the world-class attractions that meet your individual abilities. Our shore excursions are proven to meet the accessibility needs of senior and disabled travelers. Step-free tour routes? No problem! Short walking distances? Absolutely! Vans with wheelchair lifts? We’ve got you covered!

We provide wheelchair accessible van excursions at ports throughout Europe.

Benefit #6 – Sage Cruise Port Accessibility Reviews

The Sage Cruise Port Accessibility Reviews may be the most important (and certainly the most exclusive) benefit that we provide.  It is Free if we book your shore excursion for each port. NO ONE ELSE has ever spent the time, effort, and money that we have to put together Port Accessibility Guides that tell you everything you need to know to make good decisions about what to see and how to do it.  An accessibility map of the port, an accessibility map of the region, accessibility descriptions of the tourist attractions, and suggested accessible itineraries are all provided to you. (Free if we book your shore

It also includes Do It Yourself advice telling you in which ports you can skip guided tours and private transportation thereby saving you money!!!

“On board our ship, I talked with a man from Ontario who uses a mobility scooter. He hadn’t known that there was a lift at the Basilica Cistern, so he didn’t try to visit, though he would have liked to. That made me even more grateful for your services.”
– Marilyn, Sage Traveling client & part-time wheelchair user

Q: In which ports are Sage Cruise Port Accessible Reviews available?

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We have inspected accessibility at cruise ports throughout Europe including Athens, Barcelona,
Civitavecchia, Istanbul, Kusadasi, Livorno, Monaco, Mykonos, Naples, Sorrento, Venice

Q: How much do your services cost?

A: “Our cruise planning services are COMPLETELY FREE!!!  The cruise line pays us a commission when we make the reservation for you.  On top of it, we guarantee* that we will match or beat any publicly-advertised cruise fare!

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* If you receive a better offer from someone else, or at another travel website, let us know and we will try our best to beat that offer.  But, we guarantee that no one can match our outstanding personalized customer service! For the guarantee to apply, it must be the same cabin, same sailing date, and same booking conditions.  It must be advertised by a cruise line or travel agency that provides legitimate customer service including solving problems during your trip (i.e. no rebate booking engines).  If by some chance we are unable to match the offer, we will happily cancel your reservation and allow you to book through any other means you choose.

“Donna, I can’t thank you enough for organizing our holiday!
Everything went perfectly: we got the airport assistance and transfers, and we got a big stateroom with a balcony and a scooter waiting to go – all much better than we expected. The guides were friendly and knowledgeable; Nilay in Istanbul was exceptionally caring. All the guides were happy to spend time in the places that particularly interested us and skip the places that didn’t.
Simon was absolutely thrilled. It was the holiday of a lifetime for both of us, thanks to you.”
− Dot, mobility scooter user who took an 11 night eastern Mediterranean Cruise planned by Sage Traveling.
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Marvel at the Sistine Chapel ceiling… feel the romance of an accessible boat ride on the Venice canals…taste Chianti wine while visiting a Chianti winery…visit a medieval walled Italian town…walk/roll in the footsteps of St. Peter at the Athens Agora…hear the Blue Mosque call to prayer in Istanbul…taste authentic pizza in Naples…stroll around the yachts in Monaco…relax on an accessible beach in Barcelona…dine on a beach in Santorini…admire the beauty of the Tuscan country-side…catch a sunset on the Aegean…your accessible vacation awaits!

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