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Bruges Accessibility Guide by John Sage

Which Bruges tourist sites are accessible? Which should you avoid?  Where are the accessible routes between the tourist sites?  

Accessible itineraries, travel tips, maps, and more.  Tons of essential accessible travel advice written by John Sage.


The Table of Contents listed below is for a Bruges accessibility guide we put together for a for a previous client visiting Bruges.  The Bruges Accessibility Guide is included with our Bruges accessible trip planning services.


Bruges Accessibility Guide Table of Contents

Reservations     3

Getting To Bruges         5

Getting Around Bruges  8

Accessible taxis in Bruges         9

Bruges Tourist Map       10

Bruges Recommended Itinerary    13

Tourist Attractions in Bruges      15

Begijnhof          15

Boat Tour          18

Church of Our Lady       20

Memling Museum / St. John’s Hospital     22

Groeninge Museum       24

Basilica of the Holy Blood         26

Accessible Restaurants in Bruges          28


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