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Accessible Travel in Italy

At Sage Traveling, we want you to have the best accessible Italy vacation possible! That’s why we have conducted countless hours of research on Italy wheelchair travel. We have personally inspected accessible Italy hotels and offer numerous accessible Italy tours and personalized trip planning services including our famous Sage Accessibility Guides!

On this page you will find detailed accessibility reviews of Italy’s most popular tourist attractions, Italy accessible travel tips written by John Sage, accessible Italy vacation ideas, information on our accessible Trip Planning Services, and more! Contact us for more information about accessible travel in Italy or to book your accessible Italy trip today!


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12 Wheelchair Travel Tips for Italy

italy-accessible-travel-1Accessible travel in Italy can be difficult but it doesn’t have to be. While Italy presents numerous accessibility challenges, there is almost always something you can do to make it work. Before your trip, educate yourself about the accessibility challenges you will encounter, and you’ll have a much easier trip with your focus on enjoying yourself rather than trying to navigate barriers. These 12 Italy Accessible Travel Tips are the first step to make your trip easier and more enjoyable.

11 Florence Wheelchair Tips10 Rome Wheelchair Tips11 Venice Wheelchair Tips

Italy Accessible Travel Advice

italy-accessible-travel-2John Sage has traveled all over Italy in his wheelchair and has overcome the many challenges that Italy wheelchair travel presents, like cobblestones in Rome, Vaporetto (water buses) in Venice, ancient ruins in Pompeii, and the more wheelchair-friendly Herculeaneum ruins. These detailed Italy wheelchair access reviews of the most visited places (and some best-kept secrets!) in Italy are the perfect way to start preparing for your accessible vacation!

City Accessibility Reviews

Disabled Access Review of Florence

Disabled Access Review of Rome

Disabled Access Review of Tuscany

Disabled Access Review of Venice


Port Accessibility Reviews

Catania Cruise Port Accessibility

Civitavecchia (Rome) Cruise Port Accessibility

Genoa Cruise Port Accessibility

Livorno Cruise Port Accessibility

Sorrento Cruise Port Accessibility

Naples Cruise Port Accessibility


Attraction Accessibility Reviews

Accademia Disabled Access

Colosseum Disabled Access

Doge’s Place Disabled Access

Florence Duomo Disabled Access

Herculaneum Disabled Access

Leaning Tower of Pisa Disabled Access

Pompeii Disabled Access

Roman Forum Disabled Access

St. Mark’s Basilica Disabled Access

Uffizi Gallery Disabled Access

Vatican Disabled Access


Keys to Success for Disabled Travel

11 Keys to Success for Florence

10 Keys to Success for Rome

10 Keys to Success for Venice


More Accessibility Reviews

Wheelchair Access on Venice’s Vaporetto

Wheelchair Access at Venice Airport

Getting Around Rome in a Wheelchair



Top Accessible Italy Vacations

italy-wheelchair-travelThese top 7 accessible Italian vacation itineraries include stays in Rome, Florence, and Venice as well as the Tuscan countryside! Romance, art, wineries, beautiful Tuscan scenery, and some of the most interesting and well-preserved ancient history of any other European country—Italy really has something for everyone, and Italy wheelchair travel has never been easier with the help of Sage Traveling! Relax as you sip an authentic Italian cappuccino in Venice, marvel at Michelangelo’s David in Florence, step back in time as you visit ancient Roman ruins, or enjoy an accessible tour of a Chianti winery outside Siena. On an accessible Italian vacation, your options are limitless!

Top Accessible Cruises from Rome & Top Accessible Cruises from Venice


Accessible Italy Hotels

italy-wheelchair-travel-2One of the most frustrating things about traveling with a disability is arriving at your “accessible” hotel only to find that it’s not accessible after all! John Sage has personally visited numerous hotels in Italy so you can rest assured that these proven accessible hotels will meet your needs, whether you’d like a roll-in shower hotel room in Florence, 5 star accessible hotel room in Rome, or even a budget accessible hotel room in Venice! We have also inspected hotel accessibility in Lucca, Pisa, Siena, and Sorrento. All hotel reservations come with our Sage Accessibility Guides.

Florence Accessible Hotels

Rome Accessible Hotels

Chianti Accessible Villas

Siena Accessible Hotels

Lucca Accessible Hotels

Sorrento Accessible Hotels

Naples Accessible Hotels

Tuscany Accessible Villas

Pisa Accessible Hotels

Venice Accessible Hotels


Accessible Italy Tours

italy-wheelchair-accessSee Italy’s most popular attractions on one of these wheelchair accessible guided tours or cruise excursions with proven step-free routes. Your experienced, English-speaking guide already knows about the wheelchair ramps and lifts at the Vatican and the most accessible routes through Florence, so you can enjoy the sights without having to worry about Italy wheelchair access! Our tour guides have been hand-picked to provide you the top Italy tourist experiences.


Chianti Accessible Winery Tours

Bari Accessible Shore Excursions

Florence Accessible Guided Tours

Livorno Accessible Shore Excursions

Naples & Sorrento Accessible Guided Tours

Naples Accessible Shore Excursions

Rome Accessible Guided Tours

Ravenna Accessible Shore Excursions

Sicily Accessible Guided Tours

Rome Accessible Shore Excursions

Tuscany Accessible Guided Tours

Sicily Accessible Shore Excursions

Venice Accessible Guided Tours

Venice Accessible Shore Excursions


Italy Wheelchair Accessible Van Transfers

italy-wheelchair-access-2In many places in Europe, there may be only one or two accessible taxis or vans in the entire city! It is important to book your wheelchair accessible transfers in advance because availability is limited. Water taxis in Venice are a great way for disabled travelers to get around and accessible vans in Tuscany will allow you to see the quaint towns, wineries, and beautiful Italian countryside from Florence. Accessible van transfers are also available in Rome, Florence, Naples, Sorrento, and Livorno. For more information, contact one of our accessible travel


Sage Accessibility Guides in Italy

italy-wheelchair-travel-3Our Sage Accessibility Guides written by John Sage answer all of your questions about accessible travel in Italy.  Which Italy tourist sites are accessible? Which ones should you avoid? Where can I find accessible restaurants and shopping in Rome? How should I travel between tourist sites in Venice? Each accessibility guide offers essential accessible travel advice that includes accessible itineraries, travel tips, maps, and much more! 

Capri Accessibility Guide

Pisa Accessibility Guide

Florence Accessibility Guide

Rome Accessibility Guide

Genoa Accessibility Guide

Sorrento Accessibility Guide

Naples Accessibility Guide

Venice Accessibility Guide


Italy Accessible Trip Planning Services

italy-wheelchair-access-3The accessible travel agents at Sage Traveling are experts on Italy wheelchair access, and will take care everything for your accessible vacation so you can make the most out of your trip to Italy! Sage Traveling can provide: 1) Accessible hotel recommendations & booking; 2) Accessible tours & transportation booking; 3) Pre-trip accessibility consultation; 4) Sage Accessibility Guides for your destination cities; and 5) Emergency assistance during your trip.

Florence Accessible Trip Planning

Siena Accessible Trip Planning

Lucca Accessible Trip Planning

Sorrento Accessible Trip Planning

Naples Accessible Trip Planning

Tuscany Accessible Trip Planning

Pisa Accessible Trip Planning

Venice Accessible Trip Planning

Rome Accessible Trip Planning



“At first when I chose you as our travel agency, I took a chance on you, and I’m very glad that I did. Everyone in our party, all five of us would definitely use you again.” – Mark, Sage Traveling client who visited Italy Read more client testimonials



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