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Accessible Travel in Tuscany

Tuscany Disabled Access Review by John Sage

Article - Accessible Travel in Tuscany-707If you have already been to Italy and loved it (who doesn’t?), then you can easily spend a week visiting accessible destinations in Tuscany. Tuscany disabled access presents different challenges than other major Italian cities. Steep hills, cobblestones, no accessible public transportation, and steps into building can create challenges for disabled visitors. Don’t let that discourage you though. With the right planning, all of the Tuscany accessibility challenges can be circumvented and you can have a wonderful vacation!

Accessible Italian Cooking Class in Tuscany

Article - Accessible Travel in Tuscany-1431Tuscan cuisine is world famous. While you’re visiting Tuscany, why not learn cooking techniques from a local instructor? The Accessible Tuscany Cooking Class is held on a small farm using ingredients gathered locally. The chef will instruct you in preparing 4 to 5 courses…one or two appetizers, a pasta dish, a meat dish, and a desert. After the class is complete, you get to eat what you’ve created while enjoying local wine created on-site!

Accessible Food Tour in Siena Italy

Article - Accessible Travel in Tuscany-2068The Accessible Food Tour in Siena Italy uses wheelchair accessible routes to visit 5 Siena restaurants for a 5 course meal. Yum! Each of the restaurants has a flat or ramped entrance and an accessible restroom. All routes between the restaurants are step-free.


Accessible Private Sightseeing Flight over Tuscany

Article - Accessible Travel in Tuscany-2542This is hands down one of the most unique accessible activities in Europe. You can’t miss it! The Accessible Private Sightseeing Flight over Tuscany allows you to see mountains, valleys, and villages from the sky. We’re not talking about viewing the ground from 30,000 feet…you will be around 1200 feet where you can see everything!

Accessible Driving Tour of Chianti Wineries and Villages

Article - Accessible Travel in Tuscany-3109With visits to two Chianti wineries, three villages, and the impressive medieval walled town of Monteriggioni, the Accessible Driving Tour of Chianti Wineries and Villages will leave you with memories and photographs to last a lifetime.


Accessible Tuscany Guided Tour of Montepulciano and Pienza

Article - Accessible Travel in Tuscany-3573The Accessible Tuscany Guided Tour of Montepulciano and Pienza gives you a little taste of every aspect of Tuscany…a medieval hill town, Renaissance architecture, Italian history, Tuscan landscapes, and wine tasting. What a great way to spend 3 hours of your vacation!




All Sage Traveling accessible vacation packages come with:

  1. Guaranteed Accessible accommodation in Tuscany
  2. €20 discount on each accessible Tuscany activity
  3. Emergency Accessibility Assistance for things that can go wrong    


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Accessible Tuscany Agriturismo near Montalcino

Article - Accessible Travel in Tuscany-5254Located on a hilltop far from busy roads, this accessible Tuscany agriturismo gives spectacular views of the surrounding Val d’Orcia valley. It has a roll-in shower, flat entrance, and pool. Montalcino can be reached by a 25 minute scenic drive, and Siena can be reached by a 45 minute scenic drive.


Accessible Tuscany Hilltop Villa with Roll-in Shower

Article - Accessible Travel in Tuscany-5781Conveniently located on the road that connects the Tuscany villages of Montalcino, Montepulciano, and Pienza, this 1000 year old farm is home to an accessible hilltop villa with a roll-in shower. The accessible apartment connects to another normal apartment with a kitchen making this a great option for families!


Luxury Accessible Southern Tuscany Hotel

Article - Accessible Travel in Tuscany-6302If you’re looking to stay in a charming, centrally-located, wheelchair friendly village during your Tuscany vacation, this luxury accessible Tuscany hotel won’t disappoint you! From this home base you can explore southern Tuscany including the Val d’orca, Montalcino, and Siena.


Accessible Tuscany Winery & Villa

Article - Accessible Travel in Tuscany-6783This accessible hamlet is an all-in-one. Located in the rolling hills of Chianti, this accessible Tuscany winery also has three accessible hotel suites, accessible wine tasting, two restaurants, and a pool. You might never want to leave!


Accessible Chianti Resort and Spa

Article - Accessible Travel in Tuscany-7218Tucked away in the forested hills of Chianti, this accessible Chianti resort provides luxurious and relaxing accommodation during your accessible Tuscany travels. It contains a spa that is open from 10 am to 7 pm, and both Florence and Siena can be reached in less than an hour.


Accessible Chianti Hotel in Charming Hilltop Village

Article - Accessible Travel in Tuscany-7720A great way to experience the Chianti region with a disability is to stay in an accessible hotel in a centrally-located, beautiful village. There aren’t many truly accessible hotels located in the 1000+ year old Chianti towns, and this accessible Chianti hotel is one of them!


5 Star Accessible Siena Hotel with Roll-in Shower

5-star-siena-accessible-hotelIf you’re only going to stay in a single town in Tuscany, the centrally-located town of Siena would be a great choice for many mobility-impaired travelers. This 5 star wheelchair accessible Siena hotel contains a roll-in shower and is located on a flat street in central Siena. I gave this hotel our highest rating…a 5 Star Sage Accessibility Rating.

4 Star Wheelchair Accessible Hotel in Siena

4-star-wheelchair-accessible-siena-hotelThis 4 Star Wheelchair Accessible Hotel in Siena is a modern hotel located within walking/rolling distance of the Siena city center. The accessible room has a roll-in shower and grab bars next to the toilet.


4 Star Accessible Hotel in Cortona Tuscany

Article - Accessible Travel in Tuscany-8731Cortona has some significant accessibility challenges. Contact one of our accessible travel consultants to discuss whether one of our other recommended Tuscan villages may may be a more accessible home base for your Tuscany vacation.


Accessible Tuscany Vacation Packages  NEW!

Article - Accessible Travel in Tuscany-9128Enjoying Tuscany is all about experiences…and accessible experiences are our specialty! We will work with you to design your ideal Tuscany vacation. With our accessible Tuscany Vacation Packages, visits to accessible wineries can fill your days while your nights begin by watching sunsets from your hilltop accessible villa. You can take an accessible cooking class on a farm using local ingredients, and you can take a private accessible sightseeing flight over Tuscany. Our guaranteed-accessible vacation packages will leave you with the memories of a lifetime!


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