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Our Paris Accessible Holiday Packages provide you with the best accessible experiences Paris has to offer. We make sure that your trip will be filled with amazing, fully-accessible experiences.

All of the tips and tricks that a person with a disability needs to visit Paris are included in our Paris accessible holiday packages.

When you travel with Sage Traveling, you will have a partner to consult with before your trip and fix problems during your trip. Disabled travel to Paris has never been easier!


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Watch John Sage describe our Paris Accessible Travel Packages:

John Sage’s Paris Accessibility Guide is only available to travelers
who contact us directly (not through another travel agent).

Paris Disabled Travel Services

The Paris Disabled Travel Agents at Sage Traveling can provide you with everything you need for an accessible trip to Paris:

Personally-Inspected Accessible Hotel Accommodation – We have personally visited more than 20 accessible hotels in Paris and can recommend the most accessible hotel accommodations options in the prime neighborhoods. Our top recommendations are located near major tourist attractions like the Louvre, Notre Dame, and the Eiffel Tower. We have identified the accessible walking/rolling and bus routes to easily get you from each of the hotels to the major tourist attractions, along with accessible restaurant and shopping locations.

* Note – Since there are few accessible hotels in central Paris typically only featuring 1 or 2 disabled rooms, we recommend contacting us 3 to 6 months before your arrival so that you will have the widest selection of accessible hotels from which to choose.

“John, I just wanted to say thank you for getting me set up nearby the Louvre in Paris. Everything worked out very well. It was a great location and the hotel was real nice. I appreciate your help and the car worked out too. It was really big and we took it all the way up to Normandy. Thanks for everything”  Keith, manual wheelchair user from Florida, USA

Accessible Transportation in Paris – The tourist attractions in Paris are spread out across the city. Consequently, disabled tourists will need to use wheelchair accessible taxis and busses to get around town.

Our disabled travel agents can arrange private accessible transportation to get you around Paris and take you to Versailles. We can also advise you of all the accessible bus lines that disabled tourists should use to travel between the tourist attractions, letting you know exactly where the bus stops are located. If you need a wheelchair accessible taxi, Sage Traveling can arrange for pick-up at Charles de Gaulle airport or Gare du Nord train station, bringing you directly to your hotel.

Accessible Walking, Rolling, and Driving Tours – To experience the best that Paris has to offer, you’ll want to have a local guide explaining the history behind the Parisian buildings and neighborhoods. We can provide you with a selection of handicapped accessible tours in Paris to choose from.
– 1 hour 15 minute accessible boat tour on the Seine River
– 2 hour accessible bus tour that shows you all of the major Paris tourist sights
– 4 hour private van tour to drive you around town
– 4 hour private walking tour that concentrates on the Latin Quarter neighborhood, the Marais neighborhood, or the Isle-de-la-Cite neighborhood

“Our guide/driver was very nice and incredibly knowledgeable. We both have visited Paris before and lived there years ago as students, but he knew things about Paris, the monuments and buildings of which we had no idea. The car used is a London taxi – very roomy and comfortable and with big windows so you see well. We covered the itinerary we wanted with some add-ons and after the tour he drove us to a restaurant for lunch.  You can see a lot by riding around in taxis but the driving tour is far better as he stops periodically so you can really look around” – Chris, Manual Wheelchair User.

Expert Paris Disabled Travel Advice – Which attractions in Paris are accessible? Which ones should you avoid? Where can you find accessible restaurants? We provide our clients with over 100 pages packed with Paris accessible travel advice so you know exactly what you should do and how to make it happen with ease. Find out more about our Paris Accessibility Guide


Sage Travel Accessibility Guarantee

We have extensive knowledge of Paris accessibility and extensive experience in trip planning, and consequently we are able to guarantee our services.  When you travel with Sage Traveling, you travel with peace of mind!



Paris Accessible Travel Packages

We prefer to treat disabled and senior travelers as individuals, and we recognize that one-size-fits-all is not the right approach.  Consequently, our Paris accessible travel packages are customized to meet your specific accessibility needs and interests while on your trip.  After a quick conversation, we’ll be able to give you a free customized accessible trip proposal.  Contact us for a free trip quote.

Here are a few example packages we can put together:


Basic Accessible Paris Package
Accessible hotel, accessibility reviews of tourist attractions, accessible restaurant recommendations, accessible bus tour, and accessible boat tour

  • 4 day packages start at €510 per person
  • 7 day packages start at €835 per person
  • 10 day packages start at €1135 per person

Standard Accessible Paris Package A
Everything in the Basic Package plus private accessible transportation to and from the airport – Our most popular package!

  • 4 day packages start at €630 per person
  • 7 day packages start at €955 per person
  • 10 day packages start at €1255 per person

Standard Accessible Paris Package B
Everything in the Basic Package plus private accessible transportation to and from the train station 

  • 4 day packages start at €580 per person
  • 7 day packages start at €905 per person
  • 10 day packages start at €1205 per person

Superior Accessible Paris Package
Everything in the Standard Package plus private accessible transportation to and from the Versailles Palace

  • 4 day packages start at €755 per person
  • 7 day packages start at €1080 per person
  • 10 day packages start at €1380 per person

Deluxe Accessible Paris Package
Everything in the Superior Package plus a 4 hour private accessible walking tour and an accessible Seine River dinner cruise

  • 4 day packages start at €1040 per person
  • 7 day packages start at €1365 per person
  • 10 day packages start at €1665 per person


“I contacted Sage travel to help me plan my perfect vacation. Information on everything from hotels to city tours and all local transportation was sent to me.  Together we picked out the best options to satisfy my needs.  Once everything was decided, they put our plans into action and got confirmations. After we arrived I found everything perfect. The hotels, the tours and transfers delivered exactly what had been presented to me. Best of all I didn’t waste a second of my time because of wheelchair considerations – Sage Travel took all the worry away!The trip they planned for me was undoubtedly the best vacation of my life” – J. Hinson, Manual Wheelchair User, Georgia, USA



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Paris Accessibility Guide by John Sage
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