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Accessibility at Paris Museums – Which are accessible?

In many European cities you can show up at a museum and be confident that it is accessible.  In Paris this is not the case.  There are several museums that do not have elevators to the upper floor because they are housed in 19th century mansions.  Disabled access at the Marmottan Monet Museum presents some challenges.  At the entrance there is a step followed by a wheelchair lift at the entrance.  There is a large elevator to take you to the basement where numerous impressionist paintings are displayed.  The elevator to the upper floor is not large enough for a wheelchair – I had to transfer into a folding chair while my wheelchair was brought upstairs to meet me.  Paris museum accessibility is poor at the Carnavalet Museum.  There is a ramp at the entrance, but the upper floor can only be reached by stairs….there is no elevator.  Additionally, part of the ground floor has a few stairs to get around.  The Carnavalet Museum is located a little bit east of the other major tourist sights.  Disabled access at the Louvre Museum is good but complicated.  The best entrance for disabled visitors is through the Pyramid located in the large courtyard.  Be sure to get the attention of a staff member because disabled visitors will get brought to the front of the line.  There is an elevator to go down into the museum.  At the information desk, be sure to pick up the accessibility map.  There are numerous elevators and wheelchair lifts that have been installed in the former royal residence to make it an accessible museum.  Even with the major accessibility improvements, you may have to backtrack from time to time to view all the exhibits.  Before going to Paris, be sure to visit my page on Accessible Paris Tourist Attractions so you know which to visit.  Also view the main page on Paris Disabled Access for information on public transportation and accessible hotels.

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