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This is hands down one of the most unique accessible activities in Europe. You can’t miss it!

Having an accessible visit to Barcelona is not the same thing as having an accessible vacation in Barcelona!

Barcelona has plenty for wheelchair visitors to see and do. In fact, travelers visiting multiple cities will probably find that Barcelona is the easiest stop on their trip!

Tuscan cuisine is world famous. While you’re visiting Tuscany, why not learn cooking techniques from a local instructor?

The Accessible Food Tour in Siena Italy uses wheelchair accessible routes to visit 5 Siena restaurants for a 5 course meal. Yum! During the tour, your guide will lead you along wheelchair accessible routes to travel between each of the restaurants. You will encounter some cobblestones but no steps and none of the steep Siena […]

If you have already been to Italy and loved it (who doesn’t?), then you can easily spend a week visiting accessible destinations in Tuscany. Tuscany disabled access presents different challenges than other major Italian cities. In Rome you might deal with long distances and few accessible transportation options, and in Venice you might deal with […]

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