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Disabled access in Amsterdam is better than other bridged cities like Venice, but still presents accessibility challenges like the sometimes inaccessible trams. Cobblestones and stairs to enter restaurants or reach bathrooms will also present challenges for disabled visitors.

Accessible Art Museums in Europe – For both able-bodied and disabled travelers alike, art museums are some of the top attractions that Europe has to offer. Art from medieval times and the Renaissance were born here, and art movements like baroque, impressionism and post-impressionism all flourished in Europe. From Michelangelo, to Monet, to Van Gogh, […]

Accessible Venice tours are available for disabled travelers who want to visit all the major sites including St. Mark’s Piazza, St. Mark’s Basilica, Doge’s Palace, the Ca Rezzonico Museum and the Grand Canal.

There are some important considerations to take into account when choosing an accessible travel agent. This is because many travel agents will claim to specialize in accessible travel but they actually don’t. In reality, they are normal travel agents that find an “accessible” hotel and charge you a big fee.

If you have been wanting to travel to Florence, but were afraid because you’d like to avoid poor accessibility hotels… our disabled travel experts have taken the guesswork out of planning your next vacation.

Disabled visitors to London have numerous options for accessible London tours including accessible walking/rolling tours, accessible driving tours, accessible boat tours, and accessible train tours to nearby cities. All tours include step-free tour routes, and many include transportation by private vehicles with wheelchair ramps.

Handicapped access to the Roman Forum has improved in the past few years with the installation of an elevator at the entrance. Previously, you had to take a steep ramp down a couple of stories from the street level to the Roman Forum ruins.  Now handicapped access is easily provided by asking a staff member […]

Found out this week that Sage Traveling will be mentioned in Rick Steves’ 2012 Europe through the Back Door book!  Very exciting news for Sage Traveling!

The Europe Disabled Travel Agents at Sage traveling provide custom accessible holidays for disabled and senior travelers to Europe.  Handicapped visitors to Europe can encounter challenges on their vacation, but nearly all of them can be avoided or overcome if you have the proper information.  The Europe disabled travel agents at Sage Traveling provide our clients […]

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