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Disabled Access in Rome

With its ancient Roman ruins, spectacular renaissance art, and fabulous Italian dining, Rome is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.  There are several challenges that disabled travelers will encounter in Rome including uneven ground in the Roman ruins, cobblestones on the streets, and few accessible transportation options.  Although Rome disable access is not as good as some other cities in Europe, it is adequate to enable numerous disabled tourists to enjoy Rome every year.

Rome has numerous excellent churches and museums to visit, and taking a guided walking tour is an excellent way to see the city.  Because Rome is spread out, guided tours will typically focus on a particular part of the city such as the Vatican or the Roman Forum.  Tour guides will explain what has happened over the centuries in the the exact spot you are standing/sitting.  Disabled tourists may prefer to hire a private guide rather than take one of the standard group tours.

Disabled access in Rome tourist attractions varies depending on location. The Pantheon has a small Ramp to enter and is fully wheelchair accessible apart from some cobblestones in front of it.  Wheelchair users are not able to visit every part of the Colosseum, however there is an elevator to get to the upper level which provides an excellent view.  An elevator at St. Peter’s Basilica brings disabled visitors up to the ground floor of the church.  The Capitoline Museums have steps at the entrance, and disabled tourists can be let in through a side door.

Few disabled metro and bus lines exist in Rome.  Consequently, the best strategy for disabled tourists visiting Rome is to use taxis to get between neighborhoods that have attractions close to each other.  

Mild to medium cobblestones exist in many Roman plazas and streets. Although Rome is known as “the City of Seven Hills”,  most areas of the city are flat yet wheelchair tourists will encounter sloped streets and sidewalks near the Palatine Hill and Spanish Steps.

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