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Disabled hotels in the Paris Left Bank

This 28-room boutique hotel is one of my top recommendations for disabled hotels in the Paris Left Bank.  It has a single disabled hotel room on the ground floor with a roll-in shower for wheelchair users.  There is a small chair that can be used in the roll-in shower, and there are grab bars near the toilet and in the shower.  Out of all the disabled hotels in the Paris Left Bank, this one works especially well for families or disabled people traveling with an attendant.  There is a loft with a couch-bed so this room can easily sleep 3 adults. 

The room is reached by passing through a small courtyard with a garden.  Although there is a single step at the entrance to the building, there is a door 5 meters to the left that has a ramp.  Staff members can open this door for disabled guests.  The reception desk is on the other side of this door, and they told me that they remove the curtain when they have disabled guests so that they can easily see when they need to open the door. 

This hotel is located 100 meters for the beautiful Luxembourg Gardens on a quiet, small street with very little car traffic.  The neighborhood is flat without cobblestones.  There are several restaurants within a couple of blocks of the hotel.  The hotel provides 4 star amenities and has an accessible breakfast room on the ground floor. 

 The staff was very knowledgeable about the needs of disabled guests and even asked for my input on how potential improvements to their accessibility features.  I gave this hotel my highest accessibility rating because of the roll-in shower, accessible entrance, and accessible breakfast room.  This was the smallest of all the disabled hotels in Paris Left Bank that I gave this rating to, and it really has a feeling like you are staying in someone’s home.

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