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Handicapped access at the Roman Forum

Handicapped access to the Roman Forum has improved in the past few years with the installation of an elevator at the entrance. Previously, you had to take a steep ramp down a couple of stories from the street level to the Roman Forum ruins.  Now handicapped access is easily provided by asking a staff member to use the elevator.

Once you get down to the Roman Forum handicapped access is more challenging than at other tourist attractions in Rome because of the uneven ground.  Only about 20% of the area is wheelchair friendly, but what an amazing 20%! Although you can view the ruins from the Via Dei Fori Imperiali street laying to the north, I definitely encourage you to go down into the ruins and walk (or roll) where Caesar walked. The floor of the ruins is much lower than street level and the rest of Rome sort of disappears.  It really does feel like you’ve gone back in time.

The pictures below are taken immediately next to the ticket booth. Instead of going through the handicapped gate and down the steep long ramp, head to the right where a staff member can escort you to a newly constructed elevator down to the Roman Forum.  The image in the lower left was taken from inside the Roman Forum and shows the ramp on the right and the outdoor elevator on the left.

Much of the ground inside the Roman Forum is so uneven that wheelchair users will not be able to roll over it.  Some of the area has firm ground that wheelchair users will be able to roll over.  Some may need assistance.  At a minimum, there is a wheelchair accessible path from the Roman Forum entrance to Julius Caesar’s funeral pyre.  The path from Julius Caesar’s funeral pyre to the accessible toilet in the back is over a few minor bumps and a small ramp.

View video of John Sage describing disabled access at the Roman Forum

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