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Mykonos Cruise Port Disabled Access

By John Sage

Mykonos disabled access presents several challenges to disabled cruise passengers including cobblestones, hills, and inaccessible public transportation.

The accessibility challenges will depend on how you get to shore. Cruise ships that dock will arrive 2.7 km north of Mykonos town. If you are arriving byaccessible cruise tender, you will arrive at the dock in Mykonos town. The requirements for disabled cruise passengers to use tenders varies by cruise line. You should discuss the requirements with you cruise line in advance.

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Most disabled cruise passengers will want to visit both the town of Mykonos and the beaches and villages on the rest of the island. Disabled access on Mykonos public buses is poor, so cruise passengers who can not ascend steps will need to arrange for transportation in advance.

I gave Mykonos cruise port a 4 Star Sage Accessibility Rating because disabled passengers who arrive at the tender dock will have much to see within walking distance. If your ship is docking, the port would really be a 3 star accessibility rating because there are no accessible transportation options to the attractions.

Sage Travel Tip: Ask your cruise line if they will be using tenders in Mykonos,
and be sure they will let disabled passengers onboard.

Regardless of which port you arrive at, Mykonos cruise port accessibility is not as good as other places such as the Naples cruise port, the Monaco cruise port, and theBarcelona cruise port.

Map of the two ports in Mykonos

Accessibility of Mykonos Cruise Tender Harbor

If your cruise ship is using tenders, and the cruise ship allows you to use the tenders with your disability, you will arrive in Mykonos Town (also known as Chora). The town of Mykonos has some uneven sidewalks and some hills. Most of the areas with steps can be avoided.

Accessibility Map of Mykonos Town

The tender dock is located right in the middle of Mykonos town. There is a wheelchair accessible ramp to get from the dock to the sidewalk that curves around the harbor. If you have booked an accessible tour of Mykonos, your guide can meet you here.

The sidewalk that curves around the harbor is one of the most heavily traveled routes in Mykonos. Unfortunately, it also has some of the worse cobblestones in town (3 Star Sage Smoothness Rating).

There are steps into some of the shops along the harbor.

Several restaurants line the harbor and have accessible outdoor seating. Fresh seafood fills the menu. Yum!


“Taxi Square” (shown in the photo on the left) is quite misleading. There are only 33 taxis on the island, and most are privately reserved when ships arrive. Hence “Taxi Square” is often empty when large cruise ships are in port….they are very unreliable for cruise passengers. Along the harbor there is a ramp (shown in the photo on the left) leading down to very small beach that is only big enough for 10 people.

Map of 300 meter accessible sidewalk route from tender dock to Taxi Square

Getting from the Cruise Dock into Mykonos Town

If your cruise ship uses the dock instead of tenders, you will arrive north of Mykonos Town. It is too far to walk/roll into town, so disabled cruise passengers will need to arrange transportation into town in advance.

2.7 km (1.5 mile) route from cruise dock to Mykonos town

Accessibility in Mykonos Town (also known as Chora)

The town of Mykonos has numerous hills leading up for the water. The hills have 4 star and 3 star flatness which means they range from easy uphills to challenging uphills. None of the hills are so steep that they can’t be managed with assistance.

Mykonos sidewalk disabled access has 5 star and 4 star smoothness which make it easy for wheelchair users (like me shown in the photo on the right). White shapes on ground do not indicate different stones, they are just painted on. The town of Mykonos is small….only 1 km cross. The best strategy for disabled visitors is to find an accessible path uphill, turn around when you reach steps, and use the same path to get back out.

Some of the streets have steps.

Some of the shops in Mykonos town have steps to get into them.

There is a winding step-free route to reach the restaurants near Little Venice where you can also see the 4 windmills. Just ask shop-keepers which way you should go.

Driving in Mykonos

The buses to the various beaches have several steps to get into them. Consequently, the best option for getting around the city with a disability is hiring an accessible van with a driver or renting a car. Cars typically run 100 euro to 200 euro per day depending on the demand, the type of car, manual vs automatic transmission, and where you rent. We arrange both accessible van hires and car rentals as part of ouraccessible cruise planning services.

A photo of the bus to Paradise Beach is shown on the left. It has multiple steps at the entrance. The fun convertible shown on the right is one of the cars that you can rent.

Photos of the winding road leading to Paradise Beach are shown below.

Wheelchair Accessibility at Paradise Beach

Mykonos disabled access is quite good at the world-famous Paradise beach. The accessible entrance is shown in the photo on the left. There are wooden boards (shown in the photo on the right) that lead from pavement down to within 10 feet of water. There are many people lying out on the beach, and someone can probably carry you to the water. A small reef is located about 50 feet away, and there are calm waters to swim.

An accessible bathroom is located just outside the entrance to Paradise Beach.

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