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7 Ways Sage Traveling Saves You Money

Booking your trip through Sage Traveling saves you money in the following 7 ways:

  1. We compare numerous accessible hotels to get you the best value accessible hotel.  We typically can offer you a hotel €50 cheaper than the average accessible hotel, but just as nice. Saving €50 per night can easily save you hundreds of euro!
  2. We explain how you can use inexpensive accessible public transportation options instead of taxis or private transfers. It may cost you €8 to get from your hotel to the Eiffel Tower instead of €40…and it’s just as easy!
  3. We help you avoid expensive travel dates.  If you schedule a trip during a public holiday, you’ll lose a day of your vacation while everything is shut down.  If you schedule a trip during a major convention (like Paris’ fashion week), your hotel will be much more expensive.  We will help you to choose the cheapest dates for your trip!
  4. We help you to avoid poor decisions planning your trip.  If you choose a hotel in an inaccessible neighborhood, your entire trip could be so frustrating that you’ve flushed all your money down the drain.  If you book a tour with a tour guide who isn’t knowledgeable, professional, and friendly, you will have wasted your money.  We will make sure that your trip includes hotels and tour guides that disabled travelers have been pleased with again and again!
  5. We help you to avoid wasting time during your trip.  If you travel all the way across town only to find out you need a reservation to visit the castle with a disability, you’ve wasted a couple of hours during your day.  If you have to stop your sightseeing to search for an accessible restroom or restaurant, you’re wasting time on your trip.  With our help, you will be able to see 8 days’ worth of sights in 7 days.  It’s like you get an extra day of sightseeing for free!
  6. Your time is worth money, and we allow you to skip the hours of accessibility research.  Doing a decent job researching and planning an accessible one week vacation will take you over 40 hours. We have already done the accessibility research, inspected it firsthand with our own eyes, and proven it works over and over.  Even if you spend 100 hours scouring the internet for accessibility information, it won’t even be half the amount we will give you!
  7. We provide you money saving tips.  Is a museum card worth the money? Where can you find reasonably-priced accessible dining options? You’re going to run into questions, and we’ve got answers. With our assistance, you’ll experience the city like a local!

So what does this all mean?

For a 7 night trip where we have saved you €50 per night on the hotel (#1 above) & €20 per day on taxis (#2 above), we have saved you €490!!!

Anything else?

  1. In addition to saving money, you get peace of mind knowing that knowledgeable expert trip consultants will plan your trip and will be available to provide emergency assistance during your trip.
  2. We guarantee our packages are the cheapest you will find anywhere! *

The most affordable, most centrally-located accessible hotel rooms fill up many months in advance.  So don’t delay your trip planning!


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* The guarantee requires an apples-to-apples comparison.  Within 48 hours of receiving our hotel recommendations, you will need to provide us 1) published, non-sale hotel rates with the same booking / cancellations conditions, 2) published rates for transportation services, 3) published rates for proven-accessible tours that visit the same sights as ours, and 4) published rates for emergency assistance by specialists who have researched accessibility in your destination first-hand. If that trip is cheaper than ours, we will refund our trip planning fees and send you a check for €100!

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