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8 Reasons Cruise Travel is Better than Land Travel

Happy New Year everyone!  One of the key decisions to make when traveling with a disability in Europe is whether you should travel by cruise ship or by train/car/plane. Here are 8 Reasons Why Accessible Cruise Travel is Better than Land Travel.

1) “Don’t waste energy on the things that don’t matter.” – I met a disabled passenger on a cruise, and he said this was the reason he only travels by cruise ship. I thought it was a great way to state it. All of your energy will be spent on enjoying your trip instead of traveling from place to place!

2) No bad neighborhoods on a cruise ship – When traveling on land, you always run the risk of choosing a bad hotel. You could be in a neighborhood with a high crime rate, lots of cobblestones and hills (such as those shown in the Istanbul photo on the left), strip clubs, panhandlers, or the overly crowded section of Venice (such as those shown in the Istanbul photo on the right). Or maybe you choose a great hotel in a great location, but the building next to you has loud construction going on! With accessible cruise travel, you don’t every have to worry about sleeping in a bad neighborhood.


3) Only unpack once – To me this is one of the best parts aboutaccessible cruise travel. I don’t have to pack and unpack every time that I need to switch hotels. Unpack once at the start of your trip and pack once at the end of your trip, and you’re done!

4) More consistency in dining quality – You’ll be hard pressed to find a bad meal on a cruise ship. On land it’s easy to walk/roll into a charming restaurant only to be disappointed by the food.

5) All cruise staff speaks English – If you are on one of the major international cruise lines (Royal Caribbean, Carnival, Norwegian, Celebrity, Princess, Azamura, Seabourn, etc…), all of the cruise staff will speak English. On top of that, they’re from all over the world which makes for some fascinating discussions!

6) Excellent customer service – Customer service by the waiters, maids, and bartenders is usually very good on cruise ships. The cruise lines train their staff extensively to make sure this is the case. Paying for the same quality of customer service would cost much more on land.

7) Easy to see multiple countries in a short trip – Cruising is the only way that you can say “I slept in Italy last night, I’m in Croatia today, and I’ll be in Greece tomorrow.” You don’t have to spend any of your daylight hours catching trains, because the cruise ship comfortably transports you while you sleep!

8) Cruising can be cheaper than land travel – Depending on your travel preferences, cruising can be cheaper than land travel. If your budget is of primary concern, choosing an interior cabin, sailing in the off-peak season months, choosing an itinerary with ports that don’t require expensive driving excursions, and limiting the amount of incidental expenses on the ship can really bring the price down. Travel smart and cruising can be cheaper than land travel!

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Did you know? 

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Travel Wisely,

John Sage, Founder and President of Sage Traveling

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