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Houses of Parliament

4 Star Sage Accessibility

UK residents can visit year round but others can only visit in August and September. Visits are by 75 minute guided tour only and can be reserved through Ticketmaster. The main entrance is step free and is located west of the building.

Is there an accessible entrance? Yes, there is a 20 m long ramp going down to the security check then a 5 m Sage 2 Star Flatness Ramp going up into the building.
Where is it located? On the west side of the building on Abingdon Street
Is the door push/pull, revolving, automated by a button, or motion activated? There is a staff member who can open the door.

Where can you pick up your tickets? Before going to the Parliament building, you will need to pick up your tickets in the Jewel Tower building across the street to the southwest. Go to the back side (west side) of the Jewel Tower building to avoid the steps.

Where is the closest place that cars/taxis can drop-off people? West of building on Abingdon Street

What are the nearby tube stations?  Westminster

What bus lines pass nearby? Bus lines 3, 11, 12, 24, 53, 88, 148, 159, 211, 453, N2, N3, N11, N87, N136, N155, N159, N381

Are there cobblestones or hills leading to the entrance? No, flat and smooth

What percentage of the attraction can be viewed without having to go up steps? 100%

Which parts are not accessible? None

Are there loaner wheelchairs? Yes

Is there an accessible bathroom? Yes
Is the door wide enough for a wheelchair? Yes
Are there grab bars? Yes
Is there a space to position a wheelchair next to the toilet? Yes

Are there guided tours that don’t have to go up stepsYes, the tour guide can take you up an elevator instead of going up the stairs. The tour route is about 800 m over carpet and lasts 75 minutes. Tour times vary depending on if Parliament is in session or not. You can book tours through Ticketmaster at

Does advance notice need to be given for…
…handicapped parking? No. Underground parking is at Great College Street about 100 m away…call MasterPark for more detailed directions +44 20 7222 8621
…opening of an accessible entrance? No
…loaner wheelchairs? Possible, call 20 7219 3003
…accessible tours? No

Is there a discount for someone with a disability and/or their companion? No

Address: House of Commons, London SW1A 2TT
Telephone: +44 (0)20 7219 4272

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