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Handicap Accessible Hotel Rooms in Istanbul

These Istanbul Handicap Accessible Hotel Rooms are a great option for disabled visitors to Istanbul. The hotel has two wheelchair ramps at the entrance and an elevator to reach the disabled rooms. There is a large bed in these Istanbul handicap accessible hotel rooms, and there is enough space for wheelchair users to position their wheelchair on either side of the bed.

This hotel has 171 rooms and a 4 star classification. It has a buffet breakfast and a restaurant that serves lunch and dinner. It is located 500 meters from Taksim Square and 2 blocks away from Taksim Gezi Park.

We gave this hotel a 3 Star Sage Accessibility Rating because it has step-free access and an elevator to the Istanbul accessible hotel rooms. We didn’t give it a 4 star rating because it doesn’t have a roll-in shower. The biggest challenge that disabled guests may face is the somewhat narrow door into the hotel room and into the bathroom.

The picture on the left shows the door into the hotel room.  It is narrower than bedroom doors in most hotels. The picture on the right shows the door into the bathroom which is also narrow.  As a reference, the wheelchair that John was using in these pictures was 27 inches wide.


Pictures of teh bathroom are shown below. There is no grab bar next to the toilet. Disabled guests may need to sit on a chair in the shower which has a hand-held shower head.


A picture of the outside of the hotel is shown on the left. The hotel has an elevator to bring guests up to the disabled hotel rooms.


Wheelchair guests can enter the hotel by going up the two ramps shown in the pictures below.


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