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Disabled Access in London

Excellent disabled access in London makes it one of the best tourist destinations in Europe. On this page you can find all the information that you need to take an accessible holiday to London. This information is based on a trip I took to London with my wheelchair in 2009 and extensive research that I have done on London access for the disabled. A general overview of handicapped access in London is provided below.


London is my top rated European destination for people with disabilities. The city is quite accessible compared to the rest of Europe do it’s flatness, lack of cobblestones, accessible busses and “black cabs”, and good accessibility at most of the tourist sights. There are numerous excellent tourist sights that can easily fill a two week trip to London. If you have never been to Europe before, I would recommend you make this your first destination.


London is actually made up of 2 cities: Westminster and the City of London (or “The City” as locals call it). Most of the major tourist sights are located near Westminster to the west including Westminster Abbey, Parliament, the Cabinet War Rooms, Buckingham Palace, and the National Gallery.

A few significant tourist sights such as St. Paul’s Cathedral, the Tower Bridge, and the Tower of London (which is not very accessible) are located in the City of London.

The river winds through the city, and the majority of the sights lay north of the river. Several tourist sights lay just south of the river including the London Eye, the Tate Modern, and the Imperial War Museum.

Accessible Travel to London

Accessible travel to London is possible by flying into either London Heathrow or London Gatwick airports, or using the “chunnel” train from Paris. See more about  Accessible Travel to London

Accessible Transportation in London

Accessible transportation in London is readily available either by using the accessible “black cabs” which have ramps to get into them or the accessible busses which run on almost all bus routes. See more about Accessible Transportation in London

Accessible London Tourist Sights

Most, but not all, of London’s tourist sights have good disabled access. I have provided detailed accessibility information all the major tourist sights based on a trip to London I took last year. See more about Accessible London Tourist Sights

Accessible London Hotels

Accessible London hotels can be found in many parts of the city. Many London hotels are located in older buildings with varying levels of accessibility. On this page you can find detailed accessibility information on London hotels located near the major tourist sights. These hotels all have rooms specifically designed for wheelchair access and for people with other disabilities. See more about Accessible London Hotels

Accessible London Restaurants and Pubs

On this page you can find resources for locating accessible restaurants and pubs in London.

Additional London Accessibility Resources

Here you can find additional London Accessibility Resources.




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