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Paris – Sage Traveling Client Testimonials


Paris Accessible Travel Packages

Our Paris trip, arranged by Sage Traveling was perfect. We spent 10 days and saw everything we could hope for with the help of the marvelous guides provided by Sage. Our driver was on time at the airport when we arrived and again got us back for our departure with no stress. Some of our favorite memories were the Eiffel Tower, getting up and very close to the Mona Lisa and the beautiful gardens of Claude Monet in Giverny. We also had an awesome anniversary dinner on a cruse of the Seine. We really couldn’t have been more pleased with every aspect of the trip. Thanks again Sage for another job well done – Jacqueline 



Thanks so much for helping us to have the trip of a lifetime. We had an amazing trip to Paris! Our hotel was wonderful. All of the tours that you arranged for us were fantastic. Every one of the tour guides was knowledgeable and provided great tours. We will definitely want to utilize your services again in the future. 
Thanks so much! – Ruth, Crazy woman on wheels


Just wanted to let you know how  much we enjoyed our trip back in October.  We have been pretty busy and time just flew away from us. Our hotel near the Notre Dame was the perfect spot for getting together, eating, and tours.  The hotel is located among café lined streets and amazing restaurants.  I had no problem getting around in a wheelchair.  The staff at the hotel were very helpful with restaurant ideas and reservations.  All of the restaurants they recommended were superb.  All the tours were perfect.  Being there was seven in our group, all arrangements were on time and the guides were very friendly and knowledgeable.  We liked the dinner cruise very much, but Monet’s garden was a hit.  Being my wife and I was in charge of planning, we were a little nervous.  Our group could not believe how great everything was handled from airport pickups to the private tours.  They credited my wife and I with the planning, but we told them it was you and Sage Travelling that should take the credit. We went to Italy 2 years ago.. then France.  We’re thinking England next. Again thanks for making our vacation so memorable. We look forward to planning our next trip.

-Cindy & Glenn


Donna and John,

I have been meaning to write to you to thank you for helping us to arrange the wonderful trip to Paris. It has been a busy summer since we got back. The trip was fantastic. Everything went so well it was quite remarkable. The Accessibility Guide is the most valuable travel document I have ever encountered. Each night before bed we would plan our adventures for the next day and I would read the pertinent sections. Everything was so accurate and helpful. Instead of wandering around wasting time to find the accessible entrance, I would follow John’s very specific advice and it would take us minutes to get to where we wanted to go. It was truly an amazing guide book and I have raved to many people about it. The hotel you suggested MUST be recommended to other people. After a long night’s travel and some problems getting Brian’s power chair off the plane, we were certainly exhausted and poor Brian was very uncomfortable (not having been able to go to the bathroom for 13 or 14 hours!) I was a bit concerned when we pulled into a fairly tiny laneway and the hotel beside it was being demolished. But don’t let people be swayed by that. The staff were so wonderful. I have honestly never been treated so well anywhere I have travelled. They would do anything to make us comfortable and Brian was usually greeted by name at the end of a long day of travelling. After the first breakfast, every day there was a table waiting for us with one of the chairs removed so Brian could slide up to the table easily. The room was incredible. It was right behind the check in “podiums” but we never noticed any noise. There was plenty of room for Brian’s chair, the shower chair I brought and a hoyer lift as well as an extra cot for Michelle. The bathroom was perfect for us again with more room than I have ever had in a hotel bathroom even in North America! Again the staff were very helpful in getting us cabs and answering any questions we had regarding supper, directions or where the best bakery was!

The company that provided the prebooked transportation was excellent. They were prompt (in fact always early) and professional. Their vans were large and could easily accommodate us at the airport (I was worried as we had 2 chairs, 3 large pieces of luggae and three of us!. It worked out wonderfully at Versailles as our driver drove over the cobblestones (which were a bit tough for Brian) right to the entrance and picked us up there afterwards. Definitely needed the extra time in Versailles….wow!

Transportation to Disney worked out well too…although I wouldn’t recommend that….but my daughter really wanted to go there. That was the only place we were not treated terribly well but it was ok and that has nothing to do with your services. They wanted a “disability card” to prove Brian was disabled….I think I was a bit annoyed at one point (and it was for only a 6 euro discount ) and in my not so perfect French I said…He can’t walk and he is in an electric chair..I meant to say elecric wheelchair so perhaps they wondered a bit!!

The night cruise wasn’t great especially for the price. It was wonderful to see the river at night for sure but I wouldn’t bother with the dinner especially with kids. It was very fancy food . There wasn’t even a beef or chicken dish so my kids didn’t eat much and I didn’t realize it came with a bottle of champagne and a bottle of wine…I forced my children to try champagne..why not It’s Paris but am afraid I didn’t make much of a dent in the bottles! It would be great for a couple with an advanced palate! We had fun anyway and the dessert was incredible.

The taxi comapny was good as well. Our first day we booked the wrong one but then the man at our hotel sorted it out for us. Expensive but great service. We actually only used them twice I think as we walked everywhere. The curbs were surprisingly good . The first day we took a cab to the Eiffel tower and then spent the day walking back with stops at Hotel des Invalide, Rodin museum, etc…what a great day.

The area on the left bank where you suggested eating also has the best macaroons in Paris (according to our detailed taste test). I really couldn’t get over how nice people were to us. We didn’t pay at a single museum which shocked me. Some of the museums are difficult to get around but there was always someone to help us find our way and we saw closed off sections of the Louvre and Palais de Versailles along the way. Oh and only our family would appreciate this but after our long flight and a bit of a delay getting in the room, the hoyer lift arrived. I expect a manual one when I travel but it was electric with a remote. Unless you use a hoyer you have no idea how excited we were. My back thanks you and my daughter who would have had to help me with Brian if I had a manual one thanks you too. 

Every moment I have with my children is precious and every trip creates memories that get us through more difficult times. Brian turns 18 this year and when he was diagnosed at the age of 3 with MD, the life expentancy of the boys was 18. Thanks to advances in ventilation we have every hope that he will live at least another 10 years but I had in my mind for years, that I wanted to get him to Paris before he turned 18. Thank you for making that wish, that dream, a reality.  I couldn’t have done this without you and it was truly a trip of a lifetime. Thank you,


P.S. Where to next??? Might need to save for a couple years and forget the trauma of flying but maybe England!!


Hi Donna-
I am pleased that the wheelchair was picked up on schedule.  In fact everything  was on schedule!  The driver was waiting to greet us at the airport in Paris and was very helpful getting us loaded into the van and unloading at the Hotel.  The return to the airport was perfect as well.
The wheelchair was waiting for us at the Hotel when we arrived.  We were warmly greeted by Hotel staff,  Honestly, we were pleasantly surprised to find such a luxurious, clean and well appointed room.  Everything was immaculate from the bath room fixtures with towel warmers, deluxe bathrobes, well stocked minibar with an assortment of nonalcoholic juices and choices of sparkling or still water.  Because we arrived so early about 9:30am our room was still occupied but the maids were there as soon as it became available for cleaning an restocking. 
The Hotel Restaurant staff was exceptional as well.  I had dinner there a couple of evenings alone and took food back to the room for my Mother. The waiter left his station and carried the food to our room.  The same waiter also went down stairs to search and retrieve some breakfast pastries for my Mother’s dinner.  Since our breakfast was included we had our morning meals there.  The first morning our coffee was so strong that we could not drink it.  Our waiter brought us hot water and hot milk to make it more palatable. The entire Hotel staff took pride in their jobs and were very exceptionally friendly and accommodating.  I just can not praise them enough.
Our car tour driver was absolutely wonderful.  He was fluent in English and although he is a scientist with university degrees, he has a passion for French history.  We saw all the major sites and he answered all our questions and never fumbled for the correct English phrase.  He was a careful driver and was able to navigate the bustling streets with confidence.  He also took us to Versailles the next day and unfortunately was unable to locate the tour guide there.  So rather than simply dumping into the masses of tourists, he conducted a private tour of the Palace.  Because of the extreme heat we had to skip the gardens but some were visible from the windows of the Palace.
Due to the taxi driver strike and protest over Uber that occurred two days before our arrival in Paris combined with the extreme heat, over 102 several days,  finding a taxi on the street was impossible.  However, because of the great location of the hotel we were able to roll to the Louvre, the Orsay and the Museum of Decorative Arts.  I was also able to walk to the Hotel Deville and found a wonderful department store nearby.  We finally ventured out by taxi to the Gallerie Laffeyette department store near the Opera House on Saturday morning.  What a beautiful domed ceiling!  I’ve never seen anything like it in a  department store and all the luxury brands were on display and available for purchase.
Because of Mom’s limited mobility and energy level there are many things that I still would like to see and places that I would like to visit on a future trip.  Paris is without a doubt the most beautiful city I’ve ever visited and I intend to return as soon as I can arrange another trip.  Mom of course was equally pleased and had the time of her life.
I can’t praise Sage Travel and you enough.  The guide book was invaluable in finding wheelchair entrances and preparing us for imperfect access and cobblestone streets and walkways. Thank you for making our Paris vacation a successful venture!  I will let my friends with mobility issues know about your service and just can’t imagine attempting a trip like this without your guidance. 
– Earl Graybeal     


Dear John and Donna,

Ramona and I want to thank you for a wonderful traveling experience on our latest trip to Paris through your travel agency. We were met by the van driver at CDG airport without any difficulty and even received a short sightseeing tour of the Champs-Elysees on the way to the Hotel. The driver Farik spoke English well and was very personable. He also took us to the airport for the return flight home. The hotel you recommended was very centrally located and within convenient walking distance to the Louvre and Notre Dame. We even walked to the Latin quarter and to the boat tour! The hotel room was as described and the washroom/shower very convenient. Our tour guide, Claudine, for both walking tours was knowledgeable and also spoke English very well. She walked at a good brisk pace, was very flexible and managed to navigate access to the museums very quickly. The dinner cruise on the Seine River was very enjoyable and romantic. It was worth the cost and best to do after visiting all of the sights that you will see from the river. The only caution is access to the boat landing can be difficult by wheelchair especially the road down from the bridge. Overall from a wheelchair access perspective, Paris can be toured on foot but I think requires a companion who can maneuver the sidewalk ramps. Many have several inches of curb and some can be very steep. I also think that access near many of the museums can be better and can be done without much effort. I’ll try sending a note to the mayor of Paris. Thank you again for making our trip a wonderful and manageable experience.

– Henry and Ramona

PS. Keep us informed of any new destinations.


Hi Desiree.

We enjoyed the trip in Paris very well. The transfer from an back to the airport was very good.  The hotel was very good, the service in the hotel very good. The tours we enjoyed as well. The guide sis speak good English.  I do not think we had managed to do this on our own.  I`m not in disposition of the photos taken on the trip, but I will ask my manager if it is okey for us to send you some you can use on your website. I will also recommend  Sage travel for everyone who need your service.

Best regards from, Bodil 



I just wanted to say thank you for getting me set up nearby the Louvre in Paris. Everything worked out very well. It was a great location and the hotel was real nice. I appreciate your help and the car worked out too. It was really big and we took it all the way up to Normandy.  Thanks for everything.

– Keith, Florida



We would like to express our sincere thanks for putting so much effort into planning our European vacation.  We had a fabulous time and are already starting to discuss where we would like to go next. A great time was had by all of us.Many Thanks,

– Carrie and Tim, electric wheelchair


Hi again Danielle,

I just wanted to thank you for an excellent experience in Paris. The wheelchair was delivered exactly on time and we’ve been everywhere with it over the last two days. It has really enabled us to get the most out of our last few days in Europe. Thank you for everything, I appreciate all your ongoing support during our trip. I saw a woman with a walking stick at the Louvre today who looked enviously at the chair and asked if it was my own. I explained I’d hired it with you and she said her daughter told her not to bother due to the cobblestones. I told her that it was really very accessible in Paris (we found Rome much more challenging), we’d had no real issues at all and that I was very happy that I’d had it. She is probably cursing her daughter!

Thanks again


Hi Danielle,

Hope you had a great Christmas and New Year period, with a chance to relax and unwind a bit. We’d be happy for you to use this feedback for your website. We had a great holiday, so thanks to Sage Travelling for making our trip to Paris as easy as it could be.  I had been daunted by the prospect of finding a truly wheelchair accessible hotel in central Paris, but your recommendation in the 5ieme turned out to be ideal.  Not only was the room great, with a bathroom that really worked for a paraplegic, the location near the Luxemburg Gardens was terrific.  Your local knowledge about the accessibility of the bus system was great – we had numerous bus routes close to the hotel and we ended up being able to get to all the attractions we wanted to see by bus.  The fact that you had dealt with the hotel and confirmed and paid our reservations before we left made it just that much easier. Paris is a great city, and your help made it that little bit easier for us to negotiate. Thanks again,


Here it is almost November and I haven’t let you know what a wonderful time we had in Paris. The front desk at the hotel were very knowledgeable and friendly and helped us out a lot. It rained the first few days we were there but we still managed to get our sightseeing in as we took our car and boat tours on those days. The wheelchair worked out well, too, so thank you for that. It was, indeed, waiting for us when we arrived. If I/we have another opportunity to travel, we will certainly use Sage Traveling again. Sincerely,

-Caroline, Wheelchair User


I wanted to personally thank you for your website. It is by far the best and most helpful website we have seen. Danielle Patterson responded to my first email, and has been very helpful and responds to my questions quickly and very thoroughly. She has as of today booked us into a lovely hotel in the central part of Paris. We feel confident this trip will be a highlight of lifetimes. I have signed up for the 50 euro discount. Again thank you for website and professional Travel Consultants.

-Bill, Scottsdale, AZ, USA


“The taxi from the airport to the hotel and vice versa was very pleasant and comfortable, the taxi drivers very friendly. The private driving tour through Paris was absolutely the highlight of our holiday! The driver was so nice and took all the time to show us everything and tell us all about the history. He let us take as many photos we wanted. Very nice to see all the sights we were not able to go to with the wheelchair! The hotel was in an super location and such a wonderful thing to be able to step outside and be right in the middle of the center. The Latin Quarter is amazing and so lively! Getting tickets for the boat tour was also very straightforward and it was wonderful not to have to think about anything. Just show up on time and everything was sorted. Travelling with a wheelchair can be really stressful, but knowing everything was taken care of was super.
The Paris travel guide was SO invaluable and really helped us massively to maneuver the streets of Paris and especially if attractions were accessible enough or not.
Thank you for all your help and guidance in making this a wonderful and amazing first wheelchair friendly holiday we had. It was unforgettable and we will be sure to keep Sage travelling in the forefront of our minds when we go on holiday in Europe again.
Many thanks and kind regards,
– Femke and Nick 


We have returned safely from France. Mary Beth and I wanted to thank you for all the hard work you put into making our trip a success. The tours through Paris were lovely and our guides did a fabulous job. Your packets were extremely helpful, and your advice was invaluable. Thank you for another successful European trip. Sage truly has a wonderful employee in you. We appreciate all you have done for us.Thank you,



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Paris Accessible Tours

Hi Danielle.Just got back to the U.S. With my wife. Our tour guide was tremendous and very entertaining. He made our Paris experience very enjoyable and educational.

Best regards, Larry


Last night we enjoyed the dinner cruise on the Seine, A PEAK EXPERIENCE!!!!  Everything was perfect the food, the music, the ambience. The Captain timed the Eiffel Tower just right so we had the perfect view as it magically sparkled, my favorite sight. THANK YOU!

-Sydney Wilde


Having just returned from Paris and thoroughly enjoyed our River tour and meal on Boat Dinner tour, I feel I must write to you to praise both your Company and Staff, –  Donna and Danielle, for their efforts in ensuring that it was faultless and exactly as described in your brochure. I know I had some personal reservations when booking the Tour, but having had an attempted “scam” once, was not prepared to risk it twice. In my opinion no one should risk giving personal details out without checking as fully as possible. Your staff were helpful in every question I had and my wife (the wheelchair user) was treated like a queen everywhere we went and especially by the Canal Cruise people. Your website is correct, true and a very comprehensive and helpful guide. In closing may thank you again and humbly suggest that you may consider opening up an office in England as there are many English travelers who would benefit from your knowledge and experience. To my extensive travel knowledge there is nothing else like it anywhere. A superb holiday.

Should you ever require me to give a reference on behalf of your Company to some other “doubting Thomas” please get in touch. I wish you and your staff a wonderful future. I remain your happy traveller.

– Paul & Diana Greenwood


The tour went very well and according to plan. Our guide was very good and an amazing city driver. He flowed his car through the insane traffic at the Arc de Triomphe without a scratch, steering masterfully and barely using the brakes! I would not have believed it possible. We saw all the sites on the list, with useful commentary by our guide. Our boat tour was highly enjoyable! The staff knows how to make everyone happy, the food was very good, and the scenery was quite interesting. Excellent value for money spent.

– Claude Meares, manual wheelchair user


You booked a driving tour and a river boat tour for us in Paris. We liked the driving tour a lot. I think the guide’s name was Raphael. He was very nice and incredibly knowledgeable. We both have visited Paris before and lived there years ago as students, but he knew things about Paris, the monuments and buildings of which we had no idea. The car used is a London taxi – very roomy and comfortable and with big windows so you see well. We covered the itinerary we wanted with some add-ons and after the tour he drove us to a restaurant for lunch. You can see a lot by riding around in taxis but the driving tour is far better as he stops periodically so you can really look around. Expensive but highly worthwhile. We also enjoyed the boat tour. It was fully accessible and the helpful staff let us board early. We highly recommend it as you see many of the best sites without effort from a unique perspective.. Overall – we were very pleased with the arrangements you made for us. Thank you very much for all you did for us and we will keep you in mind for the future.

– Chris, Walker/manual wheelchair user, California, USA


We thoroughly enjoyed our driving tour (definitely recommend). Nicholas’ English was very good. His colleague’s (Rafael’s) English was also very good. Rafael transported us to and from Versailles.

– Jason and Christine Mills


Good morning Sena

All went extremely well… The two day trips we did were excellent, both drivers were on time and very helpful.
Thank you so much for your help, it has been much appreciated and made our visit ti Paris so much easer.
All the very best and have no doubt if we travel again with Graham our disabled friend you will be one of the first people I will contact.
– P. Blackburn
Dear Danielle
Just returned from Paris and as last year were very happy with the meal on the Dinner Cruise. It is to be highly recommended to anyone else who may wish to use your services.
Thanks again and best regards
– Paul Greenwood (return client)


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Paris Mobility Equipment Rentals

I want to thank you for stepping in and finding us additional scooters for Dennis. Our vacation would have been a disaster without them. On our next tour we will both bring our own scooters, live and learn.  It has been a sobering lesson in aging for Dennis. He still remembers his student days in Europe 50 years ago, but alas joints at 73 are not as resilient as they were at 23.
– Sydney Wilde

We have just returned from Paris. What a wonderful service Sage Travel provide … As promised wheelchair there waiting for me! Thank you again, will be using you very soon again. 

-Regards Margaret Ramminger


It was a seamless experience, wheelchair arrived exactly on time, was lightweight and comfortable.  Highly recommended.  Thanks,

-Mark , Florida, USA, Rented wheelchair for his elderly mother


Thanks so much for helping us out with the wheelchair rental in Paris. Above all else it provided Richard with a safe & comfortable perch during a long presentation in a room without seats.

-Nancy, Wheelchair Rental in Paris for her husband for a night


Hi Danielle,

I just wanted to let you know that the Paris wheelchair rental worked out. I felt so fortunate that I got in touch with you when I did and persisted to get the wheelchair delivered on Saturday around 12:30 – incredible! It made a massive difference with my Dad – we went all over Paris and he was able to see so much, so comfortably! Thanks again so much for your help and I will keep your information for future trips and be more planful now that I know about this amazing service. Your help and prompt reply – it made all the difference! Sincerely,

= Jean, father uses a wheelchair





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