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Accessible Restrooms

Finding accessible restrooms can take some effort. Even if you don’t have a map of accessible restrooms, you can make life easier if you know where to look for accessible restrooms. Restrooms in many restaurants are located down a flight of stairs or have doors that are too narrow for wheelchairs. If they are on the ground floor and have wide enough doors, they may not have grab bars.

Some good places to look for accessible restrooms are museums and many restaurant chains (Burger King, McDonald’s, KFC, etc…). Modern shops such as bookstores and department stores tend to have accessible restrooms, and sometimes you’ll have luck at a train station. The key is to take advantage of accessible restrooms when you have them and ask where the closest accessible restroom is the rest of the time. Even if a restaurant doesn’t have an accessible restroom, the staff can usually tell you where one is nearby.

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