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Rome Accessible Travel - February 2012 Newsletter

This month I want to feature Rome Italy which is one of the top tourist sites in the world (3rd to be exact) for good reason. With so much history in this city, you could visit there only for that reason and not be disappointed. But when you add some of the best dining and some other unique attractions, you get an amazing experience. Read on to learn more about “roaming” in Rome!

Rome Accessiblity Rating Chart
Rome Accessiblity Rating Chart

When deciding to visit Rome, know that it easily connects to other Italian cities such as Florence, Venice and Milan by train, which is great for disabled travelers, because it makes things very easy. Some things to keep in mind:

Rome Accessibility Review

  • There are challenges such as cobblestones, few accessible travel options, and uneven ground near some of the most popular ancient tourist attractions.
  • There is so much to see and do, disabled travelers can conveniently spend their entire vacation in a single city and a single hotel.
    An example of cobblestones seen in Rome, Italy
    An example of cobblestones seen in Rome, Italy
  • Take a taxi instead of the train to get from the airport to your hotel. The airport train in Rome doesn’t save you much money.
  • Rome is known as the City of 7 Hills and the terrain can pose obvious obstacles for disabled visitors. However, there are so many accessible tours in Rome; you can still see some really great sites.
  • In Rome, the quickest route between two locations is not necessarily a straight line. Although you can map out routes on a map, you may encounter staircases and other detours along the route. You can use a tool like Google Maps to evaluate your routes before you get there or use our Rome Accessibility Guide, provided as a part of all of our accessible travel packages, which contains step-free routes.

This hot travel spot is brimming with so many attractions and options to see, we are only able to skim the top points. Check out the rest of our tips, along with our 10 Keys to Success for Rome Accessible Travel, and then experience this beautiful, historical city yourself.

Travel Wisely,

John Sage

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