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Disabled Travel Agents for Europe

Many people think that they don’t need a disabled travel agent for their trip to Europe. There are some people who want to prove to themselves that they can travel on their own and enjoy tackling the challenges that disabled travel in Europe provides. I was one of those people during my first few trips to Europe. During those trips, I pushed up the huge hill to get to the Capitoline Museums in Rome (and then found out a taxi could have dropped me off at the top); I had high school kids carry me down and up a flight of stairs at a train station in Normandy; and I rolled down a very steep hill in a wheelie after taking the wrong exit out of the Gaudi park in Barcelona. These were all when I was in my mid-twenties a few years after my snow-skiing accident, and I was eager to prove to myself and everyone that I could travel.

Most travelers, though, want a comfortable vacation with few challenges, no frustration, and lots of enjoyment. This is where a disabled travel agent is essential. I’m not talking about someone who merely finds an accessible hotel room for you. I’m talking about travel agents that have performed first-hand accessibility research at the destination before you arrive and provide you with all the tips a wheelchair user or slow walker needs. Someone who can answer all of your questions, as well as provide you with answers to questions you don’t even know you should ask.

This is where Sage Traveling comes in. We make your potentially frustrating and definitely challenging disabled vacation into an easy, relaxing experience in some of the top tourist cities in the world. Our disabled travel agents have extensive knowledge of accessible European destinations and have planned numerous trips for disabled travelers. Much of this accessibility research has been performed by John Sage himself who has visited over 60 cities in Europe in his wheelchair. His expertise will be in your back pocket before and during your trip so that you can rest assured that your accessible trip to Europe will be a great one.

In the days leading up to your trip, your thoughts will be ones of excitement rather than worry. When your plane touches down or your train pulls into the station, you will know exactly what you need to do to get to your hotel. An accessible hotel room, in many cases one that has been personally inspected by John Sage, will await you.  With no uncertainty about bathroom door width or grab bars near the toilet, your hotel stay will be a comfortable one.

Each day on your trip, you will awake knowing what challenges the day holds and how to get around them. No energy or time will be wasting trying to find accessible entrances to museums, figure out how to get between tourist attractions, or realize that you should have made a reservation.  Your attention can be focused on the amazing art, history, architecture, food, and shopping that Europe offers rather than curb cuts, elevators, and ramps!

You are spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars on your trip. Are you getting a good deal? Without comparing prices of accessible hotels throughout your destination city, it is impossible to know.  If you have only identified 3 or 4 accessible hotels to choose from, you may be spending hundreds of dollars more than you need to.  You may compromise on accessibility, hotel quality, or location to stay within your budget. Sage Traveling can provide you with accessible, centrally located, affordable accommodation to maximize what you get out of your trip!

What are you waiting for? Stop spending endless hours planning an accessible trip and start feeling comfortable that an accessible vacation awaits you!

“We would like to express our sincere thanks for putting so much effort into planning our European vacation. We had a fabulous time and are already starting to discuss where we would like to go next. A great time was had by all of us. Many Thanks.”
– Carrie and Tim (Sage Traveling clients who visited London, Paris, Rome, & Florence using an electric wheelchair)

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