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Visting Berlin with a Disability - October 2011

Welcome to the first Sage Traveling monthly newsletter! I’ll be sending out these newsletters each month to try to bring you disabled travel advice and accessibility reviews on a more regular basis. I hope that the information in these emails shows you that traveling in Europe with a disability is entirely possible and an absolutely spectacular experience. Bon voyage!

Featured Accessible Destination of the Month – Berlin, Germany

Berlin is, in my opinion, one of the most overlooked tourist destinations in all of Europe. I don’t know if there’s a negative connotation that a lot of people have because of World War II, but it’s not nearly as popular as some of the other capital cities in Europe. That’s unfortunate because it’s the best city for 20th century history in the entire world. Disabled visitors to Berlin will particularly enjoy it because it is very wheelchair friendly. Accessible busses, accessible buildings, and the flat terrain without cobblestones make Berlin visiting Berlin with a disability easier than most other cities in Europe.
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Featured Berlin Accessible Attraction – Pergamon Museum

The Pergamon Museum has enormous excavated ruins from Greece and the Near East. It is accessible by a bridge with 13 steps over the Spree River. There is a wheelchair lift to get up the steps and you’ll need to use the intercom to have a staff member activate it for you. When someone answers the intercom you can try giving your request in English or say the German word for wheelchair which is “rollstuhl” (pronounced roll-shtool).
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Featured German Accessibility Phrase

Learning even a handful of German phrases will make your trip to Berlin easier. Try this one:
Where is the elevator? – Wo ist der Aufzug? (voh ihst dehr owf-tsook)

Disabled Travel Tip of the Month
Rolling over cobblestones tends to loosen things on your wheelchair. Be sure to bring a multi-tool and allen wrench with you to tighten anything that gets loose.
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