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Disabled Access at Stonehenge

Since my last disabled travel newsletter, I spent a week in London researching accessibility for visitors.  It was a great trip with lots of accessibility research success and some great experiences. By far my favorite experience was my accessible day-trip to Stonehenge.

On my three previous trips, I had seen some amazing sights in London: Parliament, the London Eye, the British Museum, and more.  On this trip I wanted to venture outside of London to experience some of the other great destinations that England has to offer.

I had heard from a friend that Stonehenge was somewhat underwhelming, but I was very impressed by it.  I’ve been to over 80 European cities in my wheelchair and have never seen anything like it. How exactly did those primitive people bring those enormous stones from quarries located so far away?!? On top of it all, I got a great day of weather to enjoy it! (Disabled Travel Tip # 9: Have a Backup Plan so that you can adjust your trip on the fly).

Stonehenge Disabled Access Map

Stonehenge is an easy day-trip to make from London by accessible train travel or private driving tour.  I didn’t know what to expect as far as wheelchair accessibility because I couldn’t find much on the internet. Fortunately, Stonehenge disabled access is quite good, and the ramps and paved paths will be a welcome sight to wheelchair users. Read the full Stonehenge disabled access review.

Did you know?

Did you know that the disabled trip planning season for 2013 has already started?  We have already booked hotel rooms for clients traveling in Europe next summer. Many of the accessible hotels only have 1 or 2 disabled rooms, and the best ones are already starting to fill up!  Most people wait until after the holidays and New Year’s to start planning their trip.

Book your hotel before January 1 if you want the most affordable, most accessible, and most centrally-located hotel accommodation!  (Disabled Travel Tip #2: Book your hotel early)

We’ve spent thousands of hours researching accessibility across Europe.  If you’d like us to help plan your trip, please email Donna at

Travel Wisely,

John Sage, Founder and President of Sage Traveling

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