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Accessible Travel Insurance Testimonials


Accessible European Travel Insurance

Emily’s purse was stolen with our passports and credit cards in Delft so we had to rejuggle our travel plans and return to Amsterdam to get new passports, and then our return flight from Paris was cancelled due to the Air France strike. Our advice: get travel insurance (they really helped out when the flight was cancelled), take copies of passport front pages and the contact info for banks with you and as much as possible don’t carry either your passport or all your credit cards with you (leave the passports and at least one card in a hotel safe). Also, we had a cell phone with us for the first time on this trip – what a godsend!

Chris , Walker/manual wheelchair user, California, USA


I wanted to say thanks. The insurance company was very easy to work with over my claim. They paid everything with no hassle. It was particularly gratifying because my boss travels a lot and she kept telling me that the insurance would find some way to reject the claim (she had hers rejected by a different company when her flight to the galapagos got delayed due to weather).



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