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8 Keys to Success for Handicapped Travel to Berlin Germany

By John Sage

Handicapped travel to Berlin can be a great experience if you follow these 8 Keys to Success. Concentrate on the items in this handicapped Berlin travel checklist to make sure you have a great travel experience.

1. Experience World War II – Berlin and Normandy are the best two places in Europe to experience World War II history. While in Berlin, be sure to visit the Reichstag, where the fire enabled Hitler to seize full power of the German government. See the bombed out remains of the accessible Kaiser Wilhelm Church and the remains of the former SS headquarters basement. Visit the Memorial to Murdered Jews and learn about their history at the Jewish Museum Berlin. The German Resistance Memorial documents the famous Valkyrie conspiracy on the very location that it was planned.  Nearly all of the sights are wheelchair friendly.

2. Visit the Cold War sights – There are multiple places to see the Berlin Wall, and a visit to the remains of the wall at the Topography of Terror and the handicapped accessible Berlin Wall Documentation Center are both worthwhile. Take a picture in front of the Brandenburg Gate where both President Kennedy and President Reagan gave speeches.

3. Stay in a fully accessible hotel – Berlin has many accessible hotels so there’s no reason to stay at any hotel that isn’t exactly what you want. Do your homework or use a disabled travel agent, and stay at a fully-accessible, centrally-located hotel during your visit.

4. Take a walking tour – The Berlin walking tour very well may be the best walking tour in all of Europe.  Berlin handicapped travelers will encounter very few curbs and steps and will only have to separate from the group a couple of times (one of which is while they go down into the former East Berlin subway station) It covers nearly all of the major 20th century major historical events in Europe. If you’re only going to do one thing in Berlin, this is it!

5. Accessible shopping – Berlin has numerous excellent accessible shopping areas in both East Berlin (Friedrichstrasse area) and West Berlin (KaDeWe and Europa Center). Be sure to mix in some shopping during your sightseeing so you don’t wear yourself out.

6. Berlin handicapped travel from airport – If you are unable to transfer into a normal taxi, you’ll definitely want to take an accessible train or an accessible taxi from the airport to your hotel. Be sure to book Berlin handicapped travel from the airport in advance or figure out which trains and Metro lines you’ll need to take to get to your hotel.

7. Spend a half or full day in the German History Museum – The German History Museum does an outstanding job of explaining the history of Germany from the Stone Age to modern times.  Spending 8 hours visiting it may sound like a long time, but the fascinating exhibits make the time fly by. It’s fully wheelchair accessible and shouldn’t be missed!

8. Make time to visit the other excellent museums – Berlin has world class museums including the Pergamon Museum, the Neues Museum, the Gemäldegalerie art museum. All of them have an accessible main entrance or an accessible side entrance.

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