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Brand New Accessible Travel Experience Packages

Are you ready to book your accessible European holiday but having a hard time deciding on what to see and do while abroad? We’ve made it easy for you!
With our brand new  LondonParis and Rome Full Accessible Experience Packages you won’t miss a beat. Explore the very best of these cities, while saving money compared to booking your accessible tours separately. These handpicked, popular experiences complement each other and don’t overlap…This is the perfect, hassle-free way to experience these magnificent European destinations!
The Full Accessible London Experience!
Save £120 on the total package compared to booking each tour separately!
Explore everything that London has to offer, as you create unforgettable memories, in the  most popular travel destination in the world! Get an overview of the London highlights on a comfortable private accessible driving tour, take a cruise down the River Thames, visit the extinguished British Museum, experience the heart of London firsthand on an accessible walking tour and take a day trip to visit the UNESCO heritage site Stonehenge and the stunning Salisbury Cathedral.


Some of our wonderful clients visiting Stonehenge
  • Highlights of London Accessible Driving Tour: This tour is our Top Recommended Driving tour in London! From the comfort of your private accessible vehicle, your professional Blue Badge London driver/guide will escort you around the city to experience the most popular London highlights plus a few less-visited gems.
  • Classic London Wheelchair Accessible Walking Tour: Enjoy a fun and memorable stroll through the vibrant heart of London, as your knowledge Blue Badge guide shares commentary and interesting anecdotes about this amazing city that he (and many others) love so much. 
  • London Accessible Boat Cruise on the Thames RiverOne of my Top Recommendations! This relaxing accessible London boat tour on the Thames River is a unique way to see the city. Sit back and enjoy as you pass by several popular London sights. 
  • Stonehenge and Salisbury Accessible Driving Tour from London: Prepare yourself for a beautiful, memorable day in the footsteps of your Neolithic ancestors at the iconic Stonehenge, and explore the 13th century Gothic Masterpiece, Salisbury Cathedral, home to one of the only four original copies of Magna Carta! 
  • Private Accessible Guided Tour of the British Museum: Enjoy a fascinating private accessible guided tour of this treasured London highlight, escorted by your private Blue Badge guide.With several million historic pieces spread over 1 million square feet, the British Museum is one of the world’s most comprehensive art collections!
The Full Accessible Paris Experience!
Save €150 on the total package compared to booking each tour separately!
Experience the very best of Paris, as you create lifelong memories in the City of Lights. Admire beautiful art at the Louvre Museum, experience the vibrant Left Bank and Notre dame Cathedral firsthand, cruise down the Seine River at night and make a day trip to Versailles Palace.
Sage Traveling clients strolling around in Paris!
  • Panoramic Paris Wheelchair Accessible Driving Tour: This tour is our Top Recommended Driving tour in Paris! From the comfort of your private accessible vehicle, your native Parisian driver/guide will escort you around the city to experience the most popular Paris highlights plus a few less-visited gems. 
  • Accessible Seine Dinner CruiseThis tour is our most popular Paris tour among our clients! You can spend a bunch of money going out to eat dinner at a restaurant, or you can dine on the Seine River while gently floating by the Eiffel Tower, Notre dame, Louvre and other Paris highlights.
  • Private Accessible Guided Tour of the Louvre Museum: One simply cannot go to Paris without visiting the Louvre! Our private accessible Louvre tour uses smartly-designed accessible tour routes to see all the highlights of the museum, and knowledgeable private guides experienced in touring with disabled visitors.
  • Essential Left Bank and Notre Dame Accessible Tour: Combine a fun and memorable stroll through the fascinating Paris Left bank with an interior visit to the iconic Notre Dame Cathedral!
  • Accessible Versailles Tour from Paris: On this accessible tour your private driver will escort you to and from your central accessible Paris hotel to Versailles Palace. This tour also includes entrance tickets to the palace, an accessible guided group tour and free time to explore the beautiful surrounding grounds before returning to Paris.
The Full Accessible Rome Experience!
Save €100 on the total package compared to booking each tour separately!
Discover and enjoy the best highlights of the “Eternal City” Rome – a name it was given because of the age of the city. Explore the famous Roman Forum, one of the most important archaeological sites in the world, visit the impressive Rome Colosseum, and experience the breathtaking Vatican firsthand!
Some of our amazing return clients visiting Rome!
  • Wheelchair Accessible Tour of the Roman Forum and Colosseum – One of our most popular accessible Rome tours! Using the most wheelchair accessible route possible, your private expert guide will safely help you navigate the Roman Forum and the Colosseum as you are narrated through the unique history of the sites.
  • Vatican Wheelchair Accessible Guided Tour of The Sistine Chapel, Vatican Museums and St. Peters Basilica – When you think of Rome, do you think of the Vatican? Most people do! This memorable accessible Vatican guided tour, visits all of the popular sights in the Vatican city! Among other outstanding works of art, you’ll get to experience Michaelangelo’s Pieta Bernini’s Canopy and the tomb of Pope John Paul II firsthand!
  • Accessible Renaissance and Baroque Guided Tour of Rome – One simply cannot visit Rome without exploring the fascinating historic streets of ancient Rome firsthand. With our wheelchair accessible guided tour, your private guide will escort you on a private stroll in the heart of the ancient city of Rome, using strep-free, mostly flat routes. There will be plenty of time to make stops and snap some beautiful photos along the way.
Did you Know?
If you’re looking for more than just accessible experiences, we also offer fully accessible travel packages that include accessible accommodation and wheelchair friendly transfers in over 30+ destinations throughout Europe, including Amsterdam, Athens, Barcelona, Berlin, Bruges, Copenhagen, Florence, Istanbul, Prague, St. Petersburg, Vienna, Venice, and many more!
Travel Wisely,
John Sage, Founder and President of Sage Traveling



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