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7 Keys to Success for Handicapped Travel to Edinburgh Scotland

By John Sage

Edinburgh handicapped travel presents numerous wonderful sightseeing experiences as well as several challenges that wheelchair tourists will encounter. While the hills are definitely the biggest challenge, cobblestones are present challenges on many streets and few accessible public transportation options exist between the tourist attractions. When planning your Edinburgh handicapped travel, be sure to check off these 7 Keys to Success.

1. Stay in an accessible hotel in the New Town or on the Royal Mile – Disabled visitors to Edinburgh have a choice to make. Should you stay on the Royal Mile (also known as High Street) close to most of the tourist attractions and the charming historic area?  Or should you stay in the flatter New Town where the terrain and the hotels are more wheelchair friendly?  Depending on your accessibility needs and your expectations for the trip, either location can work.

2. Take an Edinburgh wheelchair accessible bus tour – With so many hilly streets separating the tourist attractions, Edinburgh handicapped travel in the city can be challenging. Taking a wheelchair accessible bus tour will allow you to move throughout the city in a comfortable fashion. Buses gather at the Edinburgh Waverly train station and also stop in numerous other places throughout Edinburgh. Some of the buses have wheelchair ramps and others do not. Arrange for a wheelchair accessible bus in advance to be sure that you can make this great tour.

3. Plan to spend plenty of time at Edinburgh Castle – While most castles and palaces take less than 2 hours to visit, the Edinburgh Castle actually contains multiple museums within the castle walls. Visitors to Edinburgh Castle should plan on spending 4 to 8 hours hear seeing the historical artifacts, learning about Scottish history, and seeing the various exhibits and demonstrations. Steep hills exist within the castle so disabled visitors may want to have staff members bring them to the top using the accessible vehicle.

4. Arrange accessible transportation from airport – Edinburgh handicapped travel from the airport is easiest by a wheelchair accessible taxi. Book one in advance to avoid waiting in line or missing a taxi with a wheelchair ramp.

5. See where Harry Potter was born – Okay, so he’s not a real person so he wasn’t actually born in Edinburgh, but this is the location where J.K. Rowling wrote the first Harry Potter book. Visit the Elephant House coffee bar on George IV Bridge to see where the first book was written.

6. Don’t miss the National Museum of Scotland – The story of Scotland is magnificently told with artifacts and exhibits at the National Museum of Scotland. There is a step-free entrance and elevators to get between the floors. The café on the roof provides great views of the city.

7. Arrange for assistance at train station – At Edinburgh’s Waverly Station, disabled travelers may need assistance getting on and off the train as well as leaving the station. There is a large sloping street at the main exit to the station which wheelchair travelers may have difficulties with especially if they are carrying luggage.

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