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Multiple Cities – Sage Traveling Client Testimonials


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Dear Donna,
I’m very late in coming to sincerely thank you for all your hard work in helping us
to have an absolutely fabulous time in London and Rome!
Everything (truly, everything) was perfect.  The hotels, transfers and tour experiences
were seamless – I must say, we were a bit spoiled!  We were very pleased with the
hotel in London (5 minutes on our scooters from Westminster Abbey!)…
The tour guides were all wonderful.  I have to say the Vatican tour was spectacular – the
Roman Forum one was just a wee bit hard on the scooters, but we still managed quite well.
The Colosseum was beyond words.  And the UK tours were both lots of fun and informative. 
If you could have seen us scooting around the streets of London, Greenwich and Rome! 
Anything is possible when you really want to do it!
I know I asked you so many questions while we were planning the trip – thank you so
much for your patience!  It was a trip of a lifetime, thanks to Sage and to you!  As soon
as we decide where we’ll go next, we’ll be back in touch.
Meanwhile, here is a thank-you photo of us in Rome. ..
Thank you again so much!

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