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Sage Traveling Accessibility Guarantee


Sage Traveling works to ensure that you have the most enjoyable and memorable vacation possible.  We do this by focusing on reliability, convenience, and exclusive accessible experiences.  We have extensive knowledge of destination accessibility and extensive experience in trip planning, and consequently we are able to guarantee our services.


Our guaranteed-accessible services
allow you to travel with peace of mind!


Guaranteed Accessible Accommodation

Sage Traveling guarantees your accessible accommodation. Unlike hotel search engine websites that rely on self-identification for accessibility features (30-50% of which are incorrectly reported), we have personally inspected accessibility at hotels across Europe.  Consequently we understand the accessibility inside the hotel and the accessibility of the surrounding neighborhood.

We have received extensive feedback from previous disabled clients about their hotel stay, and we use that feedback to continually update our list of preferred hotels.

If a problem arises like unexpected construction making the hotel not accessible, we will work with our extensive list of hotels to find you an appropriate substitute.


Guaranteed Step-Free Accessible Tour Routes

We guarantee that your tour route has been designed to be step-free.  If you have special requests to the tour itinerary that modifies the route, please ask your guide about the impact on tour route accessibility.


Guaranteed Truly Accessible Vehicles

We guarantee that you will travel in a vehicle with a wheelchair lift or a wheelchair ramp if you request an accessible vehicle.


Guaranteed Timeliness

After you have made your final reservation decisions, we guarantee that we will provide you the final itinerary in a timely manner.  This is usually within one month, subject to availability of suppliers, responsiveness of suppliers, and booking restrictions on train tickets.


Guaranteed Accessible Travel Advice

We guarantee that we will provide you more accessibility information than you can get from any other source. While we understand that accessibility can change at a moment’s notice (for example, scaffolding blocking a sidewalk), we make a significant effort to provide our clients more accurate accessibility information than they can get anywhere else.  This advice is invaluable in helping you avoid problems that could potentially ruin your vacation!


Guaranteed Travel Protection

We guarantee that we will offer Travel Insurance to all of our clients who book our full trip planning service.  The Travel Insurance that we offer protects disabled travelers in case of medical emergency, trip cancellation, or trip interruption.  * Subject to availability in your country of residence


Guaranteed Emergency Support

Clients who book our full trip planning services receive access to our 7 days-a-week Emergency Support phone number to use while they are traveling.  We have experienced staff working seven days a week to fix the accessibility problems that may arise during your trip.  Our team of experts has your back enabling you to travel worry-free!



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