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10 Wheelchair Travel Tips for Barcelona

When people ask me what my favorite cities are in Europe, I always include Barcelona in my list. The history of the city goes back to Roman times (you can view accessible underground ruins), and it is home to some of the top 20th century architecture. Accessible shopping and accessible beaches can be sprinkled in with your sightseeing at various museums, churches, and plazas. 

Below I’ve listed my 10 Wheelchair Travel Tips for Barcelona which will help you get started on an accessible vacation in Barcelona!

1. Roll towards the sea – Las Ramblas is generally flat, but it has a slight downhill slope going towards the sea. Wheelchair visitors to Barcelona may want to start at Plaça de Catalunya and roll downhill towards the Christopher Columbus monument near the water.  

Sidewalk wheelchair ramp
Wheelchair ramps are present on Las Ramblas
boulevard in Barcelona

2. Use public buses instead of the Metro – Although there are many accessible Metro stations in Barcelona, the bus system is still a better choice for disabled visitors to Barcelona. Several of the most important Metro stations for tourists do not have elevators. Additionally, elevators can break down causing you to get stranded at the end of your Metro ride! All public buses in Barcelona have wheelchair ramps. 

3. The Cathedral is the high point – Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter is fairly flat, but some streets do have slopes to them. The high point in the Gothic Quarter is the Cathedral, so if you heading towards the church spire, you know that there is an uphill street somewhere in your path!

hill near Barcelona Cathedral
This hill near the Barcelona Cathedral is one of the
uphill routes you’ll find in the Gothic Quarter.

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Did You Know?
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