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Accessible Boats in Venice

Venice and its hundreds of bridges can be daunting to disabled travelers. Whether you’re starting your cruise in Venice or finishing your Italian vacation here, with the right preparation you can have an amazing time in this one-of-a-kind city! 

Visiting Venice in a wheelchair can be done! In fact, I’ve been there three times in my wheelchair. For your visit, you’ll either need to book an accessible water taxi in advance or learn to use the water buses known as “the vaporetto”.

Accessibility on the vaporetto is sufficient for some disabled travelers and a barrier for others. On the video below, you can see the crowds, the rocking motion of the boat, and the height difference between the boat and dock. Depending on the number of people on the boat, the height difference can be smaller or larger than shown in the video:

Video of John Sage on a vaporetto boat in Venice
(I’m the second wheelchair)

You can learn more about vaporetto accessibility at 

Several other articles about Venice accessibility can be found at 

Did You Know?
Did you know that Sage Traveling can provide you with a fully-accessible vacation in Venice ? An accessible boat tour, dinner overlooking the Grand Canal, and an accessible tour of the St. Mark’s Basilica & Doge’s Palace are just a few of the memorable experiences you can have in Venice.

We also arrange accommodation in accessible hotels that I have personally inspected. Each of them have bridge-free routes to reach vaporetto stops, and a few even have accessible restaurants and shopping nearby! 

If you’d like a worry-free, fully-accessible vacation, we would be happy to help!
Please email for Northern Europe and for Southern Europe.


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