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Coronavirus Update

We have received several phone calls and emails this week from clients concerned about the Coronavirus, particularly the situation in Italy.  We are monitoring the situation closely, and we would like to address these concerns.
Below you will find a short list of things you should know:
  • The Sage Traveling team is in constant contact with our drivers and guides in Italy and all over Europe, and they are helping to keep us updated. Our contacts are reporting to us to be cautious and discerning about what we hear and see in the news
  • Italy is in the headlines right now because they are the only country in Europe that are taking preventative measures. Our sources tell us that they have already contained the situation and that we should be aware that the media is sensationalizing similarly to how they did during other events such as the recent flooding in Venice. This reporting is causing undue fear in many people.
  • The coronavirus is a flu. In reality, classic cases of the flu have caused more death than the coronavirus. People are being advised to take precautionary measures such as keeping hands clean, not touching surfaces in public when not necessary and other basic hygiene rituals. For more tips on prevention, please see the CDC website.
  • Just like the flu, this virus has a larger toll on people with underlying health issues, the elderly and the very young. Right now, it is expected that like SARS, the bird flu (H5N1), the swine flu (H1N1), and the seasonal flu, this too will diminish soon.
  • Sage Traveling cares about the health and safety of its Clients.  It is our best intention to follow this situation closely and keep our clients informed as best as possible.  Our suggestion to our clients is to take a “wait and see approach”, and to be prudent while watching your news sources.
  • We always recommend purchasing travel insurance, not just because of the coronavirus. You can never predict if anyone in your group may need it due to illness, accidents or other issues that may arise during your travels. Having access to good care is essential.
  • Personally, I am cruising from Dubai to Athens in 4 weeks, I’m traveling to Ireland and France this summer, and I’m traveling to Italy in the fall. I don’t have any plans to cancel any of my trips.
I’ll be leaving in a month to research accessibility on a cruise!
As Always -Travel Wisely,
John Sage, Founder and President of Sage Traveling

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