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The Top 5 Accessible Experiences In Malta You Don’t Want To Miss!

Have you started planning your next accessible European vacation yet? I highly recommend including Malta on your itinerary! 

Not only will you be spoiled for choice when it comes to breathtaking views of the coastline…you will also experience firsthand why the Maltese people are known for their hospitality and generosity, and benefit from the many accessibility features that makes this an enjoyable accessible vacation destination. Just in case you aren’t convinced yet….here are my Top 5 accessible experiences in Malta you don’t want to miss! 

The Top 5 Accessible Experiences In Malta You Don’t Want To Miss! 

1. Barrakka Gardens – Experience the breathtaking views of Valletta Grand Harbor and surrounding medieval cities in one of the most stunning parks you will ever encounter! Located only a short walk/stroll from the cruise dock, you will find the exquisite Barrakka Gardens. The park sits on an old bastion that boasts exotic flowers and trees, old naval statues and monuments. 

From the harbor area, you can take the accessible lift to the upper gardens, the highest point of the Maltese capital. Stroll down the colonnaded walkway and snap some extraordinary photos of the spectacular views. You will also have a unique opportunity to watch the centuries-old tradition of salute by cannon fire. I recommend you show up 1 hour early to watch the cannons being loaded. There is a flat entrance to the Gardens, an accessible restroom located by the main gate and admission is free!

Don’t miss the outstanding views
from Barrakka Gardens

2. St. Paul’s Co-Cathedral – An absolute must see! Steeped in history, this gem of Baroque art and architecture was the home of the Knights of St. John in the 17th century.  Its magnificent structure and interior covered in gold is beyond impressive! The church is a very important shrine and sacred place of worship, and you will find an original Caravaggio masterpiece, “The Beheading of St. John the Baptist”, hanging here.

While access is restricted in some areas, disabled visitors can still enjoy a visit to the Co-Cathedral. To avoid the steps in the front of the building, you can use the wheelchair accessible route located at the far end. 

The beautiful interior of the
St. Paul’s Co-Cathedral.

3. Grand Master’s Palace – Get ready for an impressive collection of armor as you visit the administrative center of Malta. The Palace was originally built in 1571, where it first served as the seat of the Grand Master of the Knights of St. John. Today, it houses the House of Representatives of Malta and the President’s office. Admire the exquisite marble floors and decorated walls in the ballrooms and staterooms, and experience the armory that holds unique examples of suits of armor, guns, cannons and much more!

The Master’s Palace has a flat entrance and an elevator to help you navigate between the floors. It is in walking/strolling distance from the cruise dock, which makes it an ideal place to visit during your accessible Valletta walking tour.

4. Old Town Valletta and Mdina – No need to waste time transferring from one place to another… In Malta, everything is close! This means you can explore Old Town Valletta and the former capital city, also called silent city, Mdina all in one day! Mdina is one of Europe’s finest examples of an ancient walled city with an extraordinary mix of medieval and baroque architecture. No cars are allowed in the city, and there is a calming atmosphere as one walks/strolls along its narrow streets. You will encounter mild cobblestones, paving stones and slight slopes. If needed, you can hire an assistant to push your wheelchair at an affordable rate. 

5.The Tarxien Temples The Tarxien Temples are older than the pyramids in Egypt and Stonehenge in England! The site consists of 4 impressive megalithic structures that were built somewhere between 3600 and 2500 BC. This UNESCO World Heritage Site was discovered by local farmers in 1913 and has since been extensively excavated. The site is accessible via a wheelchair ramp. There is also an accessible restroom, and you will use an elevated step-free walkway to navigate between the structures. It is best to use wheelchairs that are not more than 62 cm wide because of the narrow points within the Temple structures, as seen on the picture below. The site has a wheelchair available on site free of charge if needed.

Elevated step-free walkway to navigate between the structures at the Tarxien Temples.

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We are excited to share that John Sage has been invited to serve on the Royal Caribbean’s Accessible Travel Agent Advisory Board! The advisory board will help to advise Royal Caribbean on how to improve their accessibility services for travelers and travel agents!

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