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What is a Sage Accessibility Guide?

In my newsletters I like to focus on providing valuable accessibility information. I normally write about destinations, but today I would like to focus on what I believe to be one of the most valuable services we provide to our clients, our Sage Accessibility Guides. 

Our Sage Accessibility Guides are designed for you to take with you when you travel, so you can make the most of your time, energy and vacation experience. Each Sage Accessibility Guide focuses on a single city, offering in-depth accessibility details including: 

  • Accessibility Maps of Destination Terrain (location of hills, cobblestones, etc. )
  • Accessibility Maps of Public Transit Options (trams, buses, cabs, etc.)
  • Accessibility Reviews of Tourist Attractions (location of accessible entrances, accessibility details, etc.)
  • Accessible Daily Itineraries (including surrounding cities that make great day trips)
  • Accessible Shopping & Restaurant Recommendations
  • Accessibility Phrases in other languages

I’ve included a video of me walking you through our London Sage Accessibility Guide to show you first-hand the valuable information they provide. The video is a little long but I wanted to make sure I covered the highlights for you. 

I want you to have an incredible travel experience; and planning your European vacation with Sage Traveling, while using our Sage Accessibility Guides along the way, is the best way I can help you do that. Let our accessibility expertise and planning services remove any worry from your trip, so you can relax and enjoy your vacation!

Watch me describe the contents of the Sage Accessibility Guide for London

The Sage Accessibility Guides are included in our Accessible Trip Planning Services and our Accessible Cruise Planning Services. I invite you to try our services once…I’m confident that if you book one trip with us, you’ll never travel in Europe again without us!

Learn more about our Sage Accessibility Guide for Amsterdam, Athens, Barcelona, Berlin, Bruges, Brussels, Dublin, Edinburgh, Florence, Istanbul, London, Naples, Paris, Rome, and Venice.

“Donna and John,
I have been meaning to write to you to thank you for helping us to arrange the wonderful trip to Paris. It has been a busy summer since we got back. The trip was fantastic. Everything went so well it was quite remarkable.

The Accessibility Guide is the most valuable travel document I have ever encountered. Each night before bed we would plan our adventures for the next day and I would read the pertinent sections. Everything was so accurate and helpful. Instead of wandering around wasting time to find the accessible entrance, I would follow John’s very specific advice and it would take us minutes to get to where we wanted to go. It was truly an amazing guide book and I have raved to many people about it.” – Suzanne, Sage Traveling client who visited Paris

Contact one of our Accessible Travel Consultants to start planning your next accessible vacation!


Travel Wisely,

John Sage, Founder and President of Sage Traveling

Phone: US: 1-888-645-7920, UK: +44 20 3540 6155

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