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When You Have A Disability and Your Cruise Ship Loses Power..

Did you hear about the unfortunate issue this past week where the Viking Sky cruise ship lost engine power during a bad storm and ended up stranded off the coast of Norway? We did! One of our clients was onboard.


Hundreds of Passengers Rescued From Stranded Cruise Ship off Norway | Sunday TODAY
Hundreds of Passengers Rescued From Stranded Cruise Ship off Norway | Sunday TODAY


Not only was this an incredibly scary situation. It also meant that her entire travel itinerary was changed and that all her following travel plans were at risk. The client promptly contacted our Sage Traveling 24/7 Emergency Support team and we got busy – from re-booking her accessible transportation to locating a new mobility scooter for her mother after it had been damaged. The client, relieved and safe, reported back that her rescheduled transfer went perfectly, and a new mobility scooter was waiting for them upon arrival at their hotel.


” You have made a very stressful situation much easier to deal with. It means a lot. You have been wonderful. Thank you a million times over for your prompt responses.” – Cory  


Here at Sage Traveling, we’re not just travel agents. We’re experienced travel planners who are 100% focused on accessible travel. Our team is located on two continents and provide true round-the-clock emergency support. You don’t get a call center – you get a person who is focused on your emergency and on your needs!
Your vacation is important. Why not travel with a team of accessible travel experts supporting you?
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Travel Wisely,
John Sage, Founder and President of Sage Traveling


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