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Shore Excursions – Sage Traveling Client Testimonials


Shore Excursions 

I thought I would just let you know how happy we were with our 3 accessible excursions booked through you. I’ll write in the form of a review so you can use it on your website if you want too…
My mother & father are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary this year and so my sister and I wanted to do something really special for them so we decided we would all go on a cruise holiday together! My parents are both 80 years old & my father has Parkinson’s Disease and finds walking very difficult and so uses a wheelchair when out & about. So shore excursions were going to be a challenge, or so we thought…until I discovered the ‘Sage Travel’ website. 
I can honestly say from start to finish the service we received was fantastic! The booking process was so easy with a very helpful Jennifer, she booked the 3 trips with Sage for us:
Florence & Pisa.
Pompeii & Herculaneum. 
All our tour guides were waiting for us prompt at the dock, with lovely appropriate vehicles and were very friendly and informative and all spoke amazing English. We had such a lovely time thanks to these tour guides who were impressive! We would definitely recommend using the special wheelchair for uneven ground to any one as without it access to the Forum is impossible in a wheel chair. It was fabulous!
My mum & dad now have lovely memories of places they never thought they would visit thanks to Sage… Thank you once again for making our family holiday a memorable one!! 
– Pamela Pearce
Pamela Pearce 5 (Italy)




Hi Jennifer,

All in all, we can’t thank you enough for all the wonderful things you did for us to make possible our marvelous trip.  The hotels were fabulous!  The assistance at the airport and the train stations puts our country to shame.  The guides and drivers were wonderful, every one a font of knowledge and very kind.  There are so many experiences I will never forget – it’s hard to take it all in.  And all the efforts you made above and beyond the call of duty when our cruise ship changed its itinerary.  (We had a long talk with the ship’s concierge – turns out there has been a lot of unrest in Istanbul, and the last minute change between Athen and Mykonos meant that we’d be able to dock and not tender in Mykonos and David could get off the ship.) 
On our last tour in Naples I realized that I was a bad client.  On the long tours, I viewed the lunch break as a courtesy to US, not to the GUIDE.  Since we didn’t want to break for lunch, our guides didn’t get a lunch break!  I felt really bad about this when I realized it, and gave our Naples guide a 20 euro tip.  We’ll need to think about how to handle this on our next trip….

– Judy Day, (couple with mobility scooter and electric wheelchair)


Overall, I was very pleased with the quality of tour guides provided by Sage traveling. We will certainly be using Sage for all our future excursions.

Tallin – Our Tour guide for this excursion was well-qualified and did a very good job. Her English was understandable, she described the attractions we were seeing well and she did a nice job describing the social, economical and political conditions currently present in Estonia.

St. Petersburg – Our tour guide for this excursion was very well-qualified and did an exceptional job. I’ve been traveling for about 25 years and taken many tour’s during that period. She is in the top 2% of all the tour guides that I’ve been associated with. Her English was excellent, her knowledge in the details of what we were seeing was outstanding and she adjusted our itinerary when necessary to meet all our needs.

Helsinki – He (the tour guide) also was very well-qualified and did an exceptional job. He also is in the top 2% of all the tour guides that I’ve been associated with. He was very friendly and sociable. His English was excellent. His knowledge and what we were seeing was outstanding and he did an excellent job describing Finland’s history and the social, economical and political conditions currently present in Finland

Thank you once again for putting together these wonderful tours,

– W. Hunt 


Hi Donna, 

We have now returned from an absolutely amazing trip – largely due to the excellent arrangements made by Sage Traveling!

All the drivers and guides arrived timeously and were always most polite, friendly and helpful.  This took away from us all the stress of planning accessible transport and accessible routes into scenic sites.  I will NEVER travel without Sage again and many able tourists we met on our cruise remarked that our tours were more comprehensive and informative than theirs were!

We had an amazing time in Istanbul thanks to the excellent transport and a most knowledgeable and charming guide, Nilay.  She really made our time there so rewarding and she is a very special person who is highly qualified in all respects to be a tour guide.

 In Ephesus, Tugrul proved to be highly educated and incredibly well informed.  He really is a cut above the average guide and has a passion for the area as well as a most comprehensive knowledge of Ephesus.

 In Corfu, Phillipos was quite charming and most accommodating.  As he arrived early for our excursion (the ship had docked early as well,) we got a head start before the large tour busses and managed to see a great deal and enjoy the sites before the crowds arrived.

 Montenegro (Kotor) was really quite spectacular and Sanja was yet again a most knowledgeable and charming guide.  The only problem was that it was an exceptionally hot day and the aircon in the van was out of order – apparently this had occurred that morning.

 In Coratia (Duborvnik), the driver arrived in a van which was not disabled accessible as apparently this is not available there.  To his credit, he returned within 5 minutes with a large car and my scooter when folded easily fitted into the trunk of the car.  If you remember, I did mention to you that this would be possible rather than a disabled van.  We then enjoyed an excellent tour of the old city with the most educated and knowledgeable Tonka.

 Slovenia (Koper) with Dejan proved to be a highlight! As it was raining heavily in Ljubljana, we could not do the boat cruise there.  Dejan, however, immediately phoned ahead to see where the weather was more favourable and we then headed to Lipica to see the Lippizaners and enjoyed a coastal drive and a visit to the old city of Koper.  He mentioned that John Sage had been there a few days prior to our visit and I really wish I could have met him!

 In Venice, the accessible vaporetto is highly recommended and made our visit an absolute pleasure.  It is extremely easily accessible and so easy to use.  Again, our guide Francesca provided a wonderfully interesting tour of the Doges Palace.

All in all, I have been recommending your services to everyone who might need them.  You made our holiday to be stress-free and highly enjoyable as well as being fascinating and exciting with the outstanding guides you provided.  A heartfelt thank you for a holiday of a lifetime! Kind regards

-Nadene, Mobility Scooter User


Hi Girls

I am just writing to say THANK YOU  for organising a wonderful tour of
Ephesus.  We had a great cruise on P & O Oriana and the highlight must
be the tour to Ephesus.  The tour guide picked us on time and we had him
exclusively with his driver.  What a guy, full of interesting knowledge
and so helpful. We got there early which was great as we had the place
to ourselves which was very different when we left. There was only 2
people in the  amp i-theatre which was great so it was magic standing
there in 2015 and seeing things from centuries ago. We will certainly
recommend your organisation to friends. Thanks again, Regards
– Barbara Turner  (UK)


“I want to let you know that the Tours I booked with you for our Italian Mediterranean vacation were exactly what we wanted! The drivers and guides made our vacation the best ever. Even though it was difficult at times to get around with the wheelchair, it was much easier with a guide to lead us. They all went above and beyond what was expected of them. I would recommend every one of them”                                                                                          

– Ronnie, Sage Traveling Client, visited Florence, Pisa, Rome, Pompeii, Capri and Messina with her husband who uses a manual wheelchair.


Hi Jennifer,
Home from our travels having had a great time.
Just wanted to say thank you for your contributing to our holiday.  Ask the trips we booked with you were fantastic and the guided and drivers were so friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. We certainly would not have enjoyed the holiday as much without those trips.
– Richard (Booked 5 shore excursions: Kotor, Athens, Rome, Florence and Marseilles)

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