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The Full Accessible Paris Experience!

Save 150 on the total package compared to booking each tour separately!

With this Full Accessible Paris Experience you won’t miss a beat! Explore everything that Paris has to offer, as you create lifelong memories in the City of Lights. Admire beautiful art at the Louvre Museum, experience the vibrant left bank and Notre dame Cathedral firsthand, cruise down the Seine River at night and make a day trip to Versailles Palace. These handpicked accessible experiences complement each other and don’t overlap. It’s the perfect, hassle-free way to experience Paris!



What’s Included?  

It’s called the Full Accessible Paris Experience because that’s exactly what it is! This package includes a total of 5 different fully accessible tours:

  1. Panoramic Paris Wheelchair Accessible Driving Tour: This tour is our Top Recommended Driving tour in Paris!! From the comfort of your private accessible vehicle, your native Parisian driver/guide will escort you around the city to experience the most popular Paris highlights plus a few less-visited gems. There will be plenty of time to make stops, get out and snap some beautiful photos along the way. This is a great tour for your first day in Paris to get an overview of the beautiful city!

    Tour Highlights Include: Notre Dame, Pont Neuf, Latin Quarter, Sorbonne, Eiffel Tower, Moulin Rouge, Montmartre, Sacre Coeur, Marais neighborhood, Opera, Place de la Republique and many more!
    Tour Details: Drop off and pick-up at your accessible central Paris hotel. Tour Duration is 3 hours. Learn more about this tour, including accessibility details

  1. Accessible Seine Dinner Cruise: This tour is our most popular Paris tour among our clients! You can spend a bunch of money going out to eat dinner at a restaurant, or you can dine on the Seine River while gently floating by the Eiffel Tower, Notre dame, Louvre and other Paris highlights.

    Tour Highlights include: Enjoy live music, a delicious 3 course menu and wine, and beautiful views of Paris by night. All included in the tour!
    Tour Details: Meetup at the Seine River Cruise dock (map will be provided). Tour Duration is 2.5 hours. Learn more about this tour, including accessibility details


  1. Private Accessible Guided Tour of the Louvre Museum: One simply cannot go to Paris without visiting the Louvre! However, 12 km of exhibit halls and stairs can make the museum quite challenging for a wheelchair user. Luckily, our private accessible Louvre Tour uses smartly-designed accessible tour routes to see all the highlights of the museum, and knowledgeable private guides experienced in touring with disabled visitors.

    Tour Highlights include: Ancient Greek works of art including Venus de Milo and Winged Victory, Ancient Rome works of art, Renaissance Italian collection including Leonardo’s Mona Lisa and Michelangelo’s Slaves, architecture of the Louvre Palace.
    Tour Details: Meetup by the Louvre Palace. Tour duration is 2.5 hours. Learn more about this tour, including accessibility details

  1. full-accessible-paris005This accessible Parisian food tasting experience is the icing on the cake on your accessible Paris vacation! Explore the heart of good food, the so-called “belly of Paris” Montorgueil, and enjoy lively commentary and recommendations by your native Parisian guide as you eat your way through this wheelchair friendly guided Paris tour.

    Tour Highlights include: Samples of select French foods, beverages and desserts, face-to-face time with a passionate local food expert, proven accessible wheelchair friendly routes, a unique experience with great photo opportunities!
    Tour Details: Meetup at the entrance of the pedestrian district of Montorgueil under the green arch. Tour duration is 2 hours. Learn more about this tour, including accessibility details.

  1. Accessible Versailles Tour from Paris: While the Versailles Palace isn’t exactly in Paris, it is too close to the French capital not to make a visit! One of the most ornate and impressive palaces in Europe, the Chateau de Versailles and the surrounding gardens is absolutely breathtaking. On this accessible tour your private driver will escort you to and from your central accessible Paris hotel to Versailles. This accessible tour also includes entrance tickets to the palace, an accessible guided group tour and free time to explore the beautiful surrounding grounds before returning to Paris.

    Tour Highlights Include: Chateau de Versailles State apartments of the King and Queen, the Royal Chapel, the Hall of Mirrors, Grand Trianon, Petit Trianon, Pavillion de la Lanterne and much more!
    Tour Details: This is a full day tour starting and ending at your accessible central Paris hotel.Learn more about this tour, including accessibility details


What if I want more accessible tours in Paris? No problem! We’ll even give you €25 off the total price of each additional tour you book! How about eating your way through the “belly of Paris” Montorgueil on our accessible Paris food tour, learning about the hidden gems of Paris on our accessible Secret Paris tour, or enjoying the city without all the crowds and buzz on our Paris at night accessible guided tour?

What if I need hotel and transfers as well? We’d love to help you! Check out our fully accessible Paris hotels and contact us for a free accessible Paris trip quote!


Booking Details

Total Price for the above tours if booked separately:

1 person = € 1640 Your price with the Accessible Full Paris Experience Package = 1490

2 people = € 1810 Your price with the Accessible Full Paris Experience Package = 1660

3 people = € 2285 Your price with the Accessible Full Paris Experience Package = 2135

4 people = € 2560 Your price with the Accessible Full Paris Experience Package = 2410

***Save €150 when you book this Accessible Full Paris Package!***

*Note: Price may be higher if larger vehicles are required. Contact us to confirm price. 

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