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Accessible Guided Tours in Venice

Accessible Venice tours are available for disabled travelers who want to visit all the major sites including St. Mark’s Piazza, St. Mark’s Basilica, Doge’s Palace, the Ca Rezzonico Museum and the Grand Canal. Many disabled travelers have long stayed away from the city of Venice because they are intimidated by the vast number of bridges throughout the city. However, with Sage Traveling’s accessible Venice tours, you see all the amazing sites the city has to offer without crossing over any bridges, climbing up any steps or enduring a rough ride across cobblestones. Visitors in wheelchairs and other disabled tourists will be able to enjoy this magnificent city with help of an expert local guide.

Heart of Venice Accessible Tour

Description: C:\Users\John\Documents\1European WC travel 2\1 Reviews\!Venice\!OverviewPics\Excursions\st marks venice accessible tour1.jpgIf it is your first time in Venice, your visit should include the must-see sites: Doge’s Palace, St. Mark’s Piazza and St. Mark’s Basilica. The penetrating light from the golden mosaics that cover the ceilings and walls of St. Mark’s Basilica and the marble floors highlight the intense relationship between the city, the eastern world and Constantinople. For more than nine hundred years, the throne at Doge’s Palace was the station of Venetian power. Your experience is enhanced as you explore St. Leonard’s cupola, the Apocalypse vault, San Marco column, the Hall of the Grand Council and much, much more on this magnificent tour. You can start this three hour Heart of Venice Disabled Tour in the morning or afternoon depending on your schedule. Shorter or longer tours are also available, so you can choose what pace you are most comfortable with!

Land & Sea Venice Wheelchair Tour

Description: C:\Users\John\Documents\1European WC travel 2\1 Reviews\!Venice\!OverviewPics\Excursions\Venice Grand Canal Boat Tour1.jpgA number of well-known painters and writers have found inspiration along the waters of the Grand Canal, which is the main waterway that runs through the city. Start the day off with an hour touring the sites around St. Mark’s neighborhood, such as the Clock Tower, Campanile, 4 Horses of St. Mark, as well as the new and old offices around San Marco Piazza. Then, enjoy a private water taxi ride on the Land & Sea Venice Wheelchair Tour. Mingle with the locals as you float along the city’s waterways at a relaxing pace far from the hustle and bustle of the area’s more touristy locations. You will see San Giorgio Maggiore, La Salute church, Ca Foscari, Ca d’Oro and the Turkish Fondaco Exchange among many other attractions during the hour-long boat ride.

” I was able to benefit from your extensive guidance.  We used the Vaporetti to tour the Grand Canal and then followed one of the routes around St Mark’s.  Brilliant! I just wanted to say thank you for the detailed and extremely helpful information which certainly made a positive difference to my visit to Istanbul and Venice.” – Margaret from UK

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