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Wheelchair Friendly Budapest Boutique Style Hotel

This wheelchair friendly Budapest boutique style hotel is the most centrally located hotel we offer in Budapest.  With less than 50 rooms in the entire hotel, each room is individualized through concepts of young Hungarian creative talents.  Conveniently located in the shadows of the Royal Palace, on the banks of the river Danube, all of the treasures of this capital city are at your disposal. 

This Budapest wheelchair friendly hotel features two rooms adapted to the needs of disabled visitors.  Each room features a roll-in shower with an attached chair and a toilet with a grab bar located on the left hand side.  There is enough room under the sink for a wheelchair user to comfortably rest their knees while washing hands or brushing teeth.

Major sites such as the Royal Palace of Hungary and the famous Chain bridge are within view and less than 800 meters from this wheelchair friendly Budapest boutique style hotel.  Other famous sites such as one of the oldest and most beautiful Turkish baths is a short 850 meters from this accessible hotel.

This wheelchair friendly Budapest boutique style hotel features:

  • Less than 50 rooms in the entire hotel for a boutique feel
  • 2 disabled rooms featuring roll-in showers and a grab bar located next to the toilet
  • Convenient location within 750 meters from the Royal Palace of Hungary and 500 meters from the famous Chain Bridge
  • Hotel staff familiar with the needs of disabled travelers

Accessibility Details

This wheelchair friendly Budapest boutique style hotel receives a 4 star Sage Accessibility Rating.  With a roll-in shower equipped with a chair, grab bar and handheld nozzle and a step-free entrance,  you will have a worry free and completely accessible hotel stay in Budapest.

This wheelchair accessible room in Budapest has a minimal amount of furniture which gives you space to maneuver a wheelchair from the moment you enter the room. Each room features 2 twin beds and can accommodate 2 guests (see pictures below)

The accessible bathrooms in this boutique, wheelchair friendly hotel in Budapest feature a wide, open doorway.  The sink has ample room for a wheelchair user to fit his knees underneath. 

The toilet has a metal grab bar attached directly to the wall on the left hand side.

The wheelchair accessible roll-in shower features a handheld shower nozzle, grab bar and shower seat attached to the wall.

The hotel entrance has a motion activated door and a step free entrance.  There is a slight rise in the doorway but is covered by a ramp to keep the entrance barrier free (right picture). 




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