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Jacquemart-André Museum Wheelchair Access

  Jacquemart-Andre Museum Wheelchair Access – This beautiful mansion is full of art and has an excellent audioguide. The museum has 7 steps to enter. They told me that a ramp for wheelchair access will be installed during 2010. It is located north of the Champs-Elysées. The Orangerie Museum is the closest major tourist attraction to the Jacquemart-Andre Museum.

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Is there an accessible entrance? Yes

Where is it located? On 158 Boulevard Haussman, 75008 Paris

Are there steps to get into the building? Yes, there are 7 steps to enter the building. An access ramp will very soon be installed (2010) to get an easy access for all to the museum and a lift will also be installed in 2012. After getting in the building, the visitor’s main entrance goes through the gift shop which has 2 steps at entrance and exit. There is an alternative route around the gift shop.

Is the door push/pull, revolving, automated by a button, or motion activated? A staff member is there to open the door for you.

Where is the closest place that cars/taxis can drop-off people? Just in front of the museum at the public parking.

Are there cobblestones or hills leading to the entrance? Yes

What percentage of the attraction can be viewed without having to go up steps? 60%

Which parts are not accessible? Gift shop and upper floor which is dedicated to temporary exhibitions

Are there loaner wheelchairs? No

Is there an accessible bathroom? Yes
Is the door wide enough for a wheelchair? Yes
Are there grab bars? Yes
Is there a space to position a wheelchair next to the toilet? Yes

Are there guided tours that don’t have to go up stepsYes

Does advance notice need to be given for…
…handicapped parking? No
…opening of an accessible entrance? No
…loaner wheelchairs? No
…accessible tours? No

Is there a discount for someone with a disability and/or their companion? Yes, free for disabled persons and half price for the person accompanying

Address: 158 Boulevard Haussman, Paris, France, 75008
Telephone: 01 45 62 11 59



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