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Westminster Abbey Accessibility

  3 Star Sage Accessibility

Westminster Abbey is an outstanding Gothic church and has as many famous people buried there as you will find about anywhere. In fact, the floor is uneven because it has so many people buried underneath it. Some side chapels are not wheelchair accessible due to a step or steps. Take the guided tour or the audio tour. Wheelchair access is via the main entrance which faces Westminster Square.

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Is there an accessible entrance? Yes, there is flat access on the North Side of building, facing Parliament Square. At the exit, a staff member can put down a portable ramp to get down the 2 steps.
Is the door push/pull, revolving, automated by a button, or motion activated? Outward and there is a staff member at the door

Where is the closest place that cars/taxis can drop-off people? West of building in parking lot 30 m away

What are the nearby tube stations? Westminster

What bus lines pass nearby? Bus lines 3, 11, 12, 24, 53, 88, 148, 159, 211, 453, N2, N3, N11, N87, N136, N155, N159, N381

Where is the closest disabled parking? Abingdon Street Car Park – at rear of Abbey about 5 minutes away from entrance (~500 meters)

Are there cobblestones or hills leading to the entrance? No cobblestones or hills at the entrance, but there are some cobblestones on the path from the disabled parking.

What percentage of the attraction can be viewed without having to go up steps? 70%

Which parts are not accessible? Henry VII chapel has about a dozen steps (a staff member can get you up them using a stair climber). A couple of side chapels have single steps. Access to Cloisters and College Garden have 3-5 steps down, step-free access is from South Side of building. There are uneven

Are there loaner wheelchairs? Yes, 6 loaner wheelchairs

Is there an accessible bathroom? Yes
Is the door wide enough for a wheelchair? Yes
Are there grab bars? Yes
Is there a space to position a wheelchair next to the toilet? Yes
Are there guided tours that don’t have to go up stepsNo – guided tour accesses the shrine (10 – 15 steps) Henry VII’s chapel (12 steps) and the cloisters (5 steps down and 5 steps back up). Use the 60 minute audioguide instead.

Does advance notice need to be given for…
…handicapped parking? Recommended  to call  0800 243 348 or +44 (0)207 641 3291)
…opening of an accessible entrance? No
…loaner wheelchairs? No
…accessible tours? No

Is there a discount for someone with a disability and/or their companion? Free for person with a disability and their companion

Opening Hours: 9:30-15:45 M-Sat
How many hours do most able-bodied tourists spend there on their first visit? 1 – 2 hrs, 90 min avg

Address: Broad Sanctuary, London, SW1P, United Kingdom
Telephone: +44 (0) 20 7222 5152

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